Is Poppy Playtime Coming To PS4 And PS5?

If you’re a horror gaming aficionado, then there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the horror game Poppy’s Playtime. It’s proven to be a genuine phenomenon, with streamers everywhere relishing the chance to stream it to their followers and show just how terrifying it can be. While the game certainly has its faults, with users pointing to bugs and gameplay problems as major issues, but for the most part, the reception to Poppy Playtime appears to be pretty positive.

With that in mind, you might be wondering whether we’re going to get a Poppy Playtime PS4 or PS5 version anytime soon. After all, if the game is that popular, then surely it should come to consoles at some point? Five Nights at Freddy’s, which can be considered a major influence on Poppy Playtime, did eventually make its way to consoles, so Poppy Playtime might be in with a chance. Let’s take a look at whether MOB Games’ horror curio will come to PS4 or PS5 anytime soon.

Is a Poppy Playtime PS4 or PS5 version planned?

At time of writing, it doesn’t look like MOB Games has any plans to bring Poppy Playtime to PS4 or PS5. The developers seem to be completely committed to the PC platform, although the game is also available elsewhere (more on which in a moment). If you’re hoping to play this rather intriguing little horror gem on your PS4 or your PS5, then for the moment at least, you’re out of luck.

There could be a number of reasons for this. MOB Games is, after all, a pretty small studio, and so it may not have the resources to bring its game to console and support those releases for a long time afterwards. The devs may also have calculated the potential revenue they stand to make from console releases and decided that it’s not worth it. Whatever the case may be, Poppy Playtime doesn’t seem to be working its way to PlayStation, so you’ll have to stick to PC for now.

Where can you play Poppy Playtime?

Although Poppy Playtime isn’t available on PS4 or PS5, don’t worry, because it’s still playable elsewhere. It’s available on Steam if you’re a PC player, and since the first chapter is completely free, it won’t hurt to download it and check it out just to see if it’s your kind of game. 

Poppy Playtime is also available to play on either Android or iOS devices, so if you’d rather play it on your mobile, then you’ve got that option as well. The game is virtually identical between devices, but for our money (or lack of, given the first chapter is free), the PC version is superior. If you want to play the best version of Poppy Playtime, then you’re better off downloading it on Steam if you’ve got a PC that can handle it.

What about other consoles? Is Poppy Playtime coming to those?

Obviously, we’re all about the PS4 here, but you might be wondering if Poppy Playtime console versions are planned at all, whether it be for PS4, PS5, or even other systems. However, we can definitively state that right now, at least, Poppy Playtime isn’t coming to any consoles whatsoever. That means that whether you want to play it on PS4, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch, you won’t find a console version of the game. You’re confined to PC or mobile devices, at least for the time being.

Is Project: Playtime coming to PS4 or PS5?

You might have seen the recent announcement that a new game in the Poppy Playtime series, Project: Playtime, is coming soon. As described by the developer itself, Project: Playtime is a “free-to-play co-op horror experience” in which you and a friend must work together to survive the horrors that dwell within the Playtime Co factory. The game will be released on Steam this December.

If you’re excited to check that one out, then you may be wondering if Project: Playtime PS4 or PS5 versions are planned. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to disappoint you yet again, as Project: Playtime isn’t currently scheduled for a PlayStation release. Once again, if you want to experience this game, you’re going to have to play it on PC. This time, however, it doesn’t look like a mobile version is planned either.

Project: Playtime also isn’t currently slated to come to Xbox consoles or Nintendo Switch. This seems somewhat unusual, as the Nintendo Switch seems to be the perfect place for it (after the PS4, of course). Nevertheless, Project: Playtime isn’t coming to any consoles at all, so you’d better hope that your PC is up to scratch if you’re excited to play it soon.

What is Poppy Playtime?

If you’ve never heard of Poppy Playtime or never checked it out, here’s a quick rundown. Poppy Playtime is a first-person horror adventure set in an abandoned toy factory. You must explore the factory, solve puzzles, and try to find a way out. Of course, this being an abandoned toy factory, not everything is as it seems, so you’ll also be unravelling the mystery of what happened here and why all of the employees mysteriously disappeared. If you’re betting that it’s for an unwholesome and terrifying reason, then you might well be right. 
Poppy Playtime is well worth a look even if it isn’t coming to PS4, so make sure to give it a download on PC or mobile if you’re into horror puzzle games. Hopefully, we get that PlayStation version soon!

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