Latest PS4 rumors (21/01/2013)

That’s right people; it’s time for some of the latest, juiciest PS4 rumors.

In a move that seems to be echoing the design of Nintendo’s Wii U, the latest reports we’re getting seem to indicate that Sony is abandoning their iconic dualshock controller for one that employs a viewing / touchscreen.  It’s unclear what effect this news might have on hardcore Playstation devotees at this point.  Obviously, such a major departure with regards to one of the most iconic pieces of hardware related to the Playstation Empire might disenfranchise just as many gamers as it attracts.  Sony has said that their work with the Vita led them down this path toward integrative touchscreen controllers.

Yes, it’s very possible that the PS4 is going to incorporate radically different design and features.  The PS4, also being referred to as “Orbis’, is also rumored to be the most powerful next-gen console scheduled for release.  With some rough estimates stating that it is going to be at least 50% more powerful than the current Xbox 360.

Additionally, there’s some indication that we might see an official release announcement much sooner than expected.  This of course is referencing Sony’s own statements which indicate that they are eager to release the PS4 well in advance of Microsoft’s upcoming console.  Currently, some analysts are predicting that we might see an official statement in May of 2013; likewise some are even spreading rumors about a potential Christmas 2013 release!

Anyway, going back to the new controller issue, there’s also been talk about incorporating biometrics into the new basic design.  In other words, your entire game experience might become altered by the physical data that the PS4 is gathering with regards to your heart rate, hand moisture, and muscle reactions.  Obviously, if this rumor is true, then it will open up an entirely new dimension of interaction for gamers the likes of which we’ve never seen before.  The whole idea of your health bar or the style of the background music being tied to the stress level of the player is not only extremely cool, it’s also quite futuristic.  Regardless, if this bit of info is in any way true (and it seems to be, given that Sony has been working on biometrics technology openly for quite a while now), the competition certainly has its hands full.

Software developers are also hinting at having done a lot of work on release titles for the PS4 as well, although everyone is very ‘tight-lipped’ about that at this point in time.  However, one potentially nasty rumor remains firmly in place – the idea that all games will need to be purchased and registered to specific accounts that are tied to individual PS4 consoles.  Assuming that this tidbit is true, then used games will either be rendered completely useless or may feature only limited functionality; either way, it’s bad news.

Lastly, there’s the rumor about the PS4’s cloud capabilities.  Certainly anyone that knows what’s really going on in the video game world wouldn’t dispute the fact that cloud computing technologies are being integrated.  After all, we’ve already seen similar rumors emerge out of the Microsoft camp with regards to upcoming cloud features.

There you have it, the latest rumors to whet your appetite between now and an official release date

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