Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Review

What started off as a seemingly endless barrage of Lego-themed titles has now blossomed into an institution of sorts. We’re now on the third Batman iteration, which as you would expect, improves on all the little mechanics which make the games so much fun to play. Naturally, the fun and lovable style, art and visuals remain as great as ever, even looking better due to the fact that it’s on advancing consoles like the PS4.


This isn’t just devoted to Batman though, there’s a generous helping of other comic book characters to keep you company as well. Yes, you can utilize each one of their abilities in various ways and flying around al over the map IS really cool when you’re allowed to. Having said that, this game isn’t really angled toward exploration per se, instead its focus lies on the 10 hour story-driven experience within. It’s a tale with a very wide scope, incorporating near cosmic levels of influence, however, at the same time, the maps remain rather confined.   This really isn’t a problem though, as there’s plenty to do and see.

In truth the real focus of the game is on combat and puzzle-solving, both of which are featured prominently throughout. It’s also really awesome how there will occasionally be little unexpected diversions and specially-designed sets, like the classic Batman and Robin throwback (from the days of Adam West). Lurking around inside of the game, waiting to be unlocked is of course a wealth of characters and content, which is yet another one of this game’s stronger features. Really, this isn’t a one-trick pony here, even after you get through the main campaign there’s still stuff to do, for instance.   Serious fans of this series will undoubtedly want to tear into the “missions”, which is pretty great.


One of the overlying themes of this game (and its type) seems to be that of exposing the player to little scenes which act like a series of dioramas or something.   It’s a refreshing and fun model that’s rife with possibilities and in truth, exploring a new area never really gets old. At the same time, this is the sort of game that’s meant for younger audiences and gamers. Sure, there are bits of humor sprinkled about here and there but everything remains tame, including the action itself, which might be best described as comically intense. Some critics out there just don’t seem to get that these titles are really designed to be PURPOSEFULLY easy and appealing, again, with dialogue and action that’s simple enough for younger players to immediately grasp.


Saying that any Lego game fan should get this game is a completely obvious and expected thing to say, but it still rings true. All of your favorite mechanics are here, along with all sorts of new adventures and events. At the same time, this title makes for an excellent introduction to the Lego world concept and no doubt there are plenty of children out there who might enjoy the overall style of gameplay found here too.

Rating – 9 /10

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