A look at The Most Disappointing PS4 Games to be Released So Far

Tossing out labels like “worst” or “most disappointing” is always dangerous, especially in the video game world.  Obviously, regardless of how well a title is received, any sort of game developed for a major console such as the PS4 requires a lot of effort and creativity.  Nevertheless, some offerings perform much better than others and some still seem to miss the mark with their intended audience.  Of course at the end of the day it all boils down to taste, doesn’t it?  Some might feel that a “terrible” game is actually quite good and vice-versa.

Often times we try to relegate games solely to the position of “entertainment”, forgetting that they’re also often jam-packed with highly developed artistic concepts as well.   In doing so there’s a tendency to set up or imagine what sort of experience the game might deliver, rather than simply enjoying what was actually crafted for us.  Hyping up a release can also turn it into a glaring failure – the audience becoming psychologically ready for something amazing only to encounter an average, perhaps lackluster product.  Well, regardless of the reason(s), the PlayStation 4’s library is not immune to this kind of phenomenon, and to date contains several titles that many feel left them somewhat disappointed, here are some of them…

Basement Crawl

Of all the titles on this list, none can compare to the disdain that “Basement Crawl” has produced among PS4 owners.  In fact, the insults aren’t just coming from the critics, but also from gamers themselves.  So, what is it that makes this game so unbearable, you ask?  First off, many have lambasted it claiming that it’s little more than a Bomberman knock-off.  Secondly, there’s the issue of the game’s design itself, which many tend to feel shows a certain lack of careful consideration.  Thirdly, there are the game’s problems when it comes to delivering a suitable online experience, which is something you really need with a title like this.

Basement Crawl

Overall however, Basement Crawl just lacks the correct presentation required.  Some will point the finger directly at the truly oddball cast of characters that make up the game’s protagonist set – not the sort of models you really want to stare at for a few hours (especially the clown).  Other quibbles include lighting issues and problems with being able to quickly locate where your character actually is when the view expands.  If all of that wasn’t bad enough, the game has also been prone to suffer all sorts of glitches and bugs, which nearly places it in “broken” status.  Add to that a lack of any good single player content and you have what is probably the worst PS4 offering we’ve seen emerge to date.


Including “Knack” on a list like this will probably upset many of its ardent fans, but you can’t deny that it was most certainly a let-down for Sony and its fan base (on the whole).  It seems as thought they were expecting to present us with some type of awesome new platformer franchise on par with the likes of a “Mario”, but it ended up being just another slightly juvenile romp.  Some have pointed out that it’s not really that “big” of a game in the first place, and that it made tons of awesome promises to deliver great things, including new gameplay concepts, but ultimately failed to deliver the goods.


Considering that there’s a certain level of tediousness to its gameplay (arguably 2 hours of content that’s been elongated to fill a larger time slot) and through it all, things remain too simple, it’s not hard to see why it didn’t tickle most people’s fancy.

Strike Suit Zero

Some might object to Strike Suit Zero’s inclusion on this list because it’s not actually that bad.  Of course they might not be taking its various flaws into account, or some of its punishing aspects.   First off, some might say the story lacks character and originality – basically just an excuse to hurl you into space and set you about the task of engaging in combat.  Secondly, there’s the overall difficulty, which is to say the least, more or less fit for someone who likes this kind of gameplay and is well-versed in it.  Thirdly, most of the time there’s simply too much repetition and “sameness” present.  If you’re just into the idea of combat in space then maybe it’s not so bad, but for most gamers there needs to be more variation in terms of scenery, objectives, plots, options, etc.

Strike Suit Zero

There you have it, those are arguably the most disappointing PlayStation 4 games released to date.  Of course we don’t need to mercilessly taunt these developers or dissuade them from making any more games – on the contrary, of all the “worst” games found on various platforms, those found in the PS4’s library are still somewhat decent.

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