Tom Clancy’s The Division Delayed Until 2015

Today we had the fantastic news that Far Cry 4 would be available later this year on PS4. However, like with many things, with good news follows bad news, and this is the case today. Tom Clancy’s The Division is shaping up to be a potentially amazing game and was set for release this Christmas. The release has now been pushed back until 2015. Ubisoft Massive made it clear that they didn’t want to rush the game, it’s a title they want to put as much detail in as possible.

“Working on The Division is a once in a lifetime opportunity for all of us at Massive, Reflections, and Red Storm Entertainment,” a studio spokesperson explained on the game’s official website. “We are creating something that we are really proud of, and we don’t want to compromise on quality. We are going to release the game when it’s ready.”

Tom Clancy’s The Division will also be featured at next month’s E3 event, and the developer promises to show some exciting new things that they hope will impress the masses.

Tom Clancy's The Division

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