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When it comes to board games the Monopoly franchise is pretty tough to beat, in fact, ask around…it tends to be something of a favorite.   However, the game that taught us exactly how economic cartels can lead to brutish consequences (unless you’re the one monopolizing, obviously) has moved beyond the cardboard and into the realm of video games. Truly, if you like the general setup of classic monopoly, you’re going to love what this title has to offer.

For starters, it really looks the part, basically updating various elements while also animating all of the basic action onscreen. When getting started you are prompted to choose between three different modes: My Monopoly, Monopoly Plus and Monopoly Deal.   For our purpose here we’re going to stick to Plus…

Loading up a game, you’ll notice straight away that there are more than a few loading screen to deal with, which isn’t a really significant quip but is certainly worth mentioning. Playing online is obviously a blast and thanks to the quick play feature you can jump right into the action with a number of other players very quickly.

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By and large, Monopoly Plus really puts on a visual presentation for you.   Every single screen is filled with all sorts of animated action, which again really helps to advance the concept beyond its board game roots.   When taking turns in play the game really shines, with a resplendent gaming board featuring all sorts of detail. Just landing on a purchasable property spot is visually engrossing, with various messages and cues leading you along and offering opportunities for purchase, etc. providing the drama.   It really plays like a physical game of monopoly (which is what we’re really after here, isn’t it?) and arguably that is the game’s main saving grace.

Too often developers try to go out into left field, especially when attempting to translate ideas into the video game medium, so it’s nice to see things work out well, as is the case here.   By and large, this title really shines when you’re pitted up against a number of other players online; it is only then that you get the true sense of what it was made for. Moreover, unlike the board game version, getting started is much quicker too, and you can also breeze through a match in a shorter span as well. In other words, this might very well be one of the best choices for those gamers in search of a quiet contemplative afternoon / evening’s entertainment.   Again, there are the other modes to check out as well, each one offering its own unique twists on the basic gameplay concepts of the classic offering.   All in all, many will likely be floored by just how much animated action is found onscreen during play. This isn’t some simple adaptation which goes light on refinements, instead it comes across as an excellent follow-up which capitalizes on the base game’s strong points while simultaneously finding new ways to update basic play. You can get Monopoly Plus as part of a broader pack called Monopoly Fun Pack.

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