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The classic board game, Risk should certainly require no introduction. Without a doubt, more than a few gamers out there have already had their run-in with it, especially if they’re old-school veterans. Basically, it is about world domination, where chance and luck guide you through to either stunning victories against your opponents or crippling defeat. However, in this new Hasbro release we find all of the classic plastic pieces being replaced by digitally slick models and the paper components exchanged for evocative environments.   In short, if you want to play Risk and have a PlayStation 4, you’re in luck…

RISK PS4 game Review
Perhaps the first and most noticeable aspect of this recreation is the general atmosphere conjured up. To be honest it reminds one of the sort of war room vibe you find in various Splinter Cell games, replete with dark, dimly lit corners amidst all sorts of vague military gear and displays. Whereas the physical version of Risk tends to evoke a classic battlement air we find a distinct modern vibe with this latest release.

Instead of taking things in the direction of fully displaying photo-realistic tanks, planes and warships, the developers have opted for a more “simulated” experience. In other words, wireframe representations loosely recreate the sort of action that normally takes place, subtly hinting at battle without having to actually show violence. A color-coded system allows you to keep track of which territories you’ve captured, etc. and the A.I. (aka “Iris”) provides various hints and tips to keep you informed and moving forward.

In terms of its visuals, there is a sort of “Tron-like” look to the game, to be honest. Laser-edged tables and holographic 3D models dot the playing surface.   Really, this is perhaps the most interesting aspect of the game’s design too, as it plays essentially like a game within a game. In other words, the general feel lent is one where you (as a first person character) are in a war room, perhaps deep underground, looking at a flat digitized control surface.   All in all it is a nice concept that really meshes well with the general rules and style of the Risk franchise.

Naturally, there are various customization options too, which is pretty nice, especially if you’re serious about the game itself. Likewise, sometimes battles are played out across countries and borders, where your dice rolls will mean defense or destruction. As this is all playing out little wireframe animations of tank movements and air bombing raids are featured.

RISK PS4 game Review 2
Whether you’re a first time Risk player or consider the game to be old hat, this video game version of the classic offering is certainly worth your time. Again, whether or not you’ll enjoy the particular visual style is another matter altogether, of course. It plays more like a pure strategy game than anything else, albeit with more simplified options and controls. Also, just as is the case with its older counterpart, luck is the main name of the game and the pathway to victory is paved with fortunate dice rolls. You can download RISK here.

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