Octodad: Dadliest Catch Review

There’s no disputing the bizarreness of the Octodad series. Even though it might first appear to be some type of standard, yet slightly off-kilter 3rd person game, there’s a definite originality that becomes patently obvious the more you play. For all intents and purposes, you play as Octodad – an octopus that’s just trying to maintain their suburban life, replete with all the usual tasks and errands one would expect to encounter. Of course as a sea creature, it’s safe to say that you’re a bit like a fish out of water at times. Even simple things like walking become somewhat challenging, which makes some of the more complex tasks all the more challenging and often hilarious to watch unfold.

Octodad Dadliest Catch 2

Perhaps the true aim of “Octodad: Dadliest Catch” is to present gamers with highly entertaining game that relies heavily on physics (as opposed to the more standardized gameplay elements which we’re accustomed to). In this sense, the game’s a roaring success, basically accomplishing exactly what it set out to do and in a stylish manner, no less. Again, it’s not so much that you’re having a blast with the sheer ludicrousness of the concept or that the environment itself delivers the laughs, but that there’s a constant element of slapstick humor present in the way Octodad moves. Throughout it all, you’ll find yourself squirming as he clambers across an area, perhaps unintentionally grabbing several items in passing.

The plot is equally weird as well as endearing. Basically, the story itself takes place following the events of the first game and there’s an evil chef that wants to not only expose Octodad’s secret squid identity, but also to actually turn him into food. Clearly this is one of the more peculiar plots you’re likely to ever come across in a game and helps to establish the basis for many of the title’s missions. Additionally, there’s a bit more variety present here than previously encountered, with things like mini games present to mix things up. Visually the game adopts a more animated posture, which perfectly compliments its funny and engaging narrative as well as clunky controls.

Octodad Dadliest Catch

While it’s not a particularly lengthy title to complete (2 – 4 hours depending on how quick and/or thorough you are), it’s a very solid and original experience that remains highly entertaining. While some might only see Octodat: Dadliest Catch as being something of a novelty (a diversion), it’s continued success clearly demonstrates that gamers are more than willing to jump into largely non-violent / alternative titles with enthusiasm. Even if you find the premise to be too “out there” to latch onto, Dadliest Catch (for the PlayStation 4) is worth owning because it’s so innovative. This is a game that’s perfect for friendly get-togethers and a great diversion as well.

Rating – 7.8

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