All You Need To Know About the Upcoming PS4 System Update 2.0

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting news as to when Sony is finally going to update the PlayStation 4’s system, then you’re in luck.  On October 28th, the current PS4 environment is going to be disappearing in favor of an all new series of additions and refinements which Sony has in fact dubbed the “Masamune” update.  That’s right, this is seen as such a radical change that they’ve elected to actually give it a fully-fledged name of its own.

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Yeah, yeah…but what’s specifically in the update, you’re likely wondering, right?  Here are the main inclusions to take note of…

The little things

Before we delve into the more serious changes headed our way, let’s kick things off with some of the “little things” which have been altered for the better.  First off, we have several adjustments to the store, which seek to make checking out and purchasing content easier than ever before.  Then there’s the beloved home screen which is getting a bit of an overhaul.  Namely, you’ll now be able to display 15 of your apps and most-played games there, which means instant access to your own personal software playground.   Other nifty additions include a player you may know feature, which can put you into contact with potential new friends and accomplices to keep an eye on.  Conversely, they’re also unveiling a new search system which will allow you to peruse the PSN for specific gamers, utilizing their real name.   Clearly, if you have a lot of friends, this is a most welcome inclusion indeed.

The major stuff

Getting to the meat of the update, we have a number of exciting streaming-based additions which many will undoubtedly take advantage of in the near future.  Yes, many of these are clearly reminiscent of recommendations made from the PS community too, which just goes to show that Sony is actually listening.  Among these features is Youtube sharing – a great way to send content directly to YT via an app-like interface, thus removing more useless hurdles when it comes to getting social.  Likewise, if you’re a content creator / producer, having a direct line to Youtube certainly isn’t a bad thing at all.  This includes the ability to send updates to the real-time activity feeds as well, which is important because it allows you to get the word out fast to your subscribers and viewers.

However, the most interesting thing added by the Masamune update has got to be the Share Play feature.  In short, it basically allows you to play local multiplayer games with someone who isn’t actually sitting beside of you.  If this sounds a bit like your standard PSN multiplayer, devoid of any real NEW things, keep in mind that this can allow you to do certain things which have been impossible up to this point.  For example, if you like to set up parties where people mostly congregate and play single player games, you’re in luck.  Share Play will actually allow you to do stuff like trade P1 controller duties even though two or more participants / viewers aren’t even in the same location.

Again, look for the Masamune, PS4 2.0 update to drop on October 28th, 2014.  

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