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The advent of the online casino made a big impact on gambling enthusiasts because of its accessibility and convenience. Modern technology paved the way for the house of gambling to be achievable, making this type of gaming a trend in the online business industry.


What is Pay N’ Play Casino?

Pay N’ Play kasino is an online casino account wherein a player can automatically start betting without making a registration. A Bank Id is needed to play this account which is provided to the player when using Trusty. It is also known as No Registration and is considered a new standard of betting online since we are now living an extremely expeditious life. It is hassle-free and doesn’t require commitments from the site.


What is Trustly?

Trustly is an open banking payment system founded in 2008 by a Swedish fintech company and clients can use it in any transactions without using their card or bank account which is absolutely convenient on the part of the online casino wager because it is efficient and safe and zero cost.

Major casino sites trust Trustly especially in monetary transactions because it has fully authorized by the EU to transfer funds and the fintech company follows the strict regulations of the EU.

Trustly also has access to other major digital wallets like Paypal and can be used by online merchants like Alibaba, and eBay and social media like Facebook. In 2016, Trustly built a strong tie with e-commerce using the Pay N’ Play casino account which paved way for the online wagers to use in internet betting. The only catch here is its availability is limited which means not all countries have an access to this platform.

Know Your Customer

The KYC or Know Your Customer is a Patriotic Law in the United States and an Anti-Money Laundering law (AML). The KYC urges all financial institutions including casinos to check and verify their customer and their IDs before and during the transaction. This is done to protect the operator of the company. Pay N’ Play is KYC compliant which means that it is safe both for the casino site and the client.

How to make a deposit using Pay N’ Play

It is simple to make a deposit using Pay N’ Play. It takes only five minutes to complete the task if the internet connection is stable. Follow these steps in making a deposit.

1.     Click “instant play” once you’re already on the homepage and you will be directed to Pay N’ Play casino through Trustly. If you stopped before and decided to pay again, click “resume game”. You will retrieve your points and coins and you can continue the game that you have left off.

2.     Key in the desired amount you wish to deposit. Do take note of the minimum amount of deposit required by the casino.

3.     Look for your location and country.

4.     Find the logo of your bank then click.

5.     You will receive a notification code which will be sent to your email or via SMS or Google notification. In some cases, you will receive a call.

6.     You can now start playing the game you desire.

Getting one’s winnings

Let it be known that Trustly is an open banking system therefore if the player wishes to get their winnings in cash, it should be transferred first to the bank before they can withdraw it. Be sure to check if your winning money reached the minimum amount of withdrawal required by Trustly.

1.     Go to “My Account”.

2.     Click the Banking/ withdrawals/ Cash out section.

3.     In the payment option, click Trustly.

4.     Look for your country and location.

5.     Select your bank then click your logo.

6.     Key in your BankID.

7.     Key in the amount you want to withdraw.

8.     Confirm your transaction.

9.     Your money will be automatically transferred to your bank account.

Different kinds of casino games you can bet at Pay N’ Play casino:

·        Baccarat

·        Blackjack

·        Video Poker

·        Live Casino

·        Lottery

·        Roulette

·        Slot Machines

Hybrid and Pure Pay N’ Play Casino

Hybrid Pay N’ Play

Some casinos provide their player’s option to choose other payment schemes other than Trustly. Hence, the player is required to register on the site. The good thing about Hybrid is the player is not limited to Trustly as a payment option but they can deposit and withdraw real money using bank cards, wire transfers, and Digital wallets like Paypal, Skrill, and Altcoins.

Pure Pay N’ Play

This type of Pay N’ Play casino supports only Trustly.


·        The player doesn’t have to fill out a registration or submit documents.

·        Using Trustly makes the transaction efficient and guaranteed safe. Trustly and Hybrid use 3D authentication systems for security purposes.

·        Time efficient

·        No need for the client to receive emails or receive any notification from the site to urge them to upgrade.


·        Offers few bonuses.

·        Video and audio are not that satisfactory

·        Monetary transaction is limited.

Final Insights:

The fusion of technology and the house of wagering changed the way punters bet. As technology continuously evolves online casino will also continue to develop and punters will eventually adapt to it.

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