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If you’re the type of gamer with an interest in old-school leanings, “Pinball Arcade” is probably going to tickle your fancy in an entirely new way.  Rather than being a static, slightly generic title loosely based on the mechanics of pinball, this title is a complete simulator of sorts.  In other words, you’ll feel as though you’re in some establishment, pumping quarters into classic machines from every major, well-known maker.

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Moreover, since this is a (partially) free-to-play game via the PSN, PS4 owners can bask in the glory of this title’s incredible gameplay without spending anything.  Forgoing any additional expenditures means that you won’t have access to any other tables aside from the obligatory “Tales of the Arabian Nights” one, but that’s of little concern if you’re just wanting to test drive the game.  Assuming that you want the full experience, you’ll need to dish out some cash for each additional table, but it’s well worth it if you consider yourself to be an aficionado or just love the look and feel of this particular title.


At first glance, “Pinball Arcade” provides a striking lights show that’s nearly on par with standing in the presence of an actual pinball machine (especially in 1080p on a large screen).  From the lighting to the physics, this title will certainly impress you in its ability to simulate the look and feel of being in an arcade surrounded by these intricate, amazing gaming machines.  To say that the game looks good is an understatement – for all intents and purposes it’s nearly photo-realistic in its overall presentation.  Moreover, it’s highly unlikely that most of us will ever get the chance to fire up one of these classic tables in such an immaculate condition, which is yet another reason why this game rocks.  Additionally, if you own a 3D TV, “Pinball Arcade” will really spring to life as the game supports this functionality.

Pinball Arcade Review


If you’ve ever actually played around with a physical table then you already know what this game’s about.  Seriously, the gameplay in this title is crafted in such a way so as to provide you with a direct comparison with what it’s like to plop down in front of an actual pinball machine.  Everything from the motion and physical effects of slamming the ball with a flipper is true to form – replete with instances where the ball becomes stuck, forcing you to call for assistance.  Moreover, there are plenty of themed tables as well, including a Star Trek: The Next Generation table (for the Trekkies) and many others which are on the way.

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Simply put, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better Pinball simulator, on the PS4 or elsewhere.  In truth, “Pinball Arcade” is perhaps the closest you can get to actually firing up a physical table without leaving the comfort of your home.  Gamers who enjoy retro-themed titles or non-standard experiences will probably get a real kick out of this game, but in truth, all PS4 owners should really give it a spin, it’s that good.

Rating – 8 .4

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