Project Cars GOTY Edition Review

When “Project CARS” first came out in 2015, it was labeled buggy and difficult to play. Since then, Slightly Mad Studios has been working non-stop to get the game into shape, and they have finally succeeded. They have now released the “Project CARS: Game of the Year Edition.” Does it live up to the name? Here’s what you can expect from this iteration of the game, now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.project cars goty

Game Content

What do you get when you purchase “Project CARS: Game of the Year Edition?” You’ll receive the game itself, complete with every bit of the downloadable content, both the paid stuff and the free stuff. On top of that, you’ll receive all of the patches and updates that Slightly Mad Studios had to release last year to make the game better. In fact, SMS says that this version of the game has more than 500 improvements and tweaks.


You’ll be impressed by the graphics in the game, for sure. Lighting, shadows, and textures are well-executed. In fact, you may find your jaw dropping as you race around a track and encounter a breathtaking sunrise. Want to make the race a little more interesting? Add some weather changes into the mix, and you’ll have a new challenge ahead as you select the right tires.

Customization Potential

You can customize your pit stops, tell your pit crew about your wishes for the race, and design unique strategies for each car, track, or type of race. This high-level of customization and realism is one element that makes this game truly special. Instead of bouncing from one vehicle to the next, you’ll need to take time to learn each car’s strengths and to develop a strategy based on that specific vehicle’s performance capabilities and needs.

The game doesn’t allow you to switch parts or upgrade the vehicles, but you can tune them up in a variety of ways. Once you have tuned a car to performance perfection, you can save that configuration for a particular track.

Immersive Quality

When you’re playing the game, you really feel as if you’re driving that car. There is excellent tactile feedback, and each car feels a bit different from the others, making your experience even more immersive and exciting. As you drive the track, you’ll sense the change in reverberation for each new surface that you encounter.

Track Availability

A myriad of tracks are available within the game, including some real-life options and others that are completely fictional. Some of the tracks are vintage classics, while others are modern, well-known circuits. Experiment with driving different kinds of vehicles on each track until you find your favorites.

“Project CARS: Game of the Year Edition” offers up tough AI racing competition, a broad array of tracks to try, countless optimization choices, and some amazing graphic elements. The audio issues with the original game are now gone, so you can enjoy the full-bodied roar of an engine or the low growl of a rival racecar approaching your bumper. Check out the progressive career mode, the exciting online multiplayer mode, and other options included with your “Project CARS” GOTY edition.

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