PS4 Dummy units Arrive at GAME Stores

Many GAME stores were greeted by dummy units of the PlayStation 4 this morning. The units give customers a first-hand view of the consoles appearance. Sadly, as these are dummy units, consumers aren’t able to test drive the console. The images are courtesy of GAME twitter accounts which reported the news.

GamePS4 GamePS4-1 GamePS4-2 GamePS4-3 GamePS4-4 GamePS4-5 GamePS4-6 GamePS4-7 GamePS4-9 GamePS4-11 GamePS4-12 GamePS4-13 GAmePS4-14 GamePS4-Crop PS4Game PS4-Game PS4Game-2 PS4Game-3

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8 years ago

I love seeing a bunch of dummies trying to make out with the dummy unit. 😉

8 years ago

Those dummies soon won’t be in the store… get the real deal NOW!

8 years ago

PS4 Dummy last day to see the sky

7 years ago

hello, where i can buy this Dummy PS4 please??? [email protected] thank you so much 😉

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