PS4 MPCL1 Projector, Play Games on any Surface

Sony did not get up to much at Gamescom this week, but the company did arguably drop the most interesting product in the form of its MPCL1. Ok, not the most imaginative of names granted, but this is essentially a mini projector which can transfer video/game content onto any surface. A very interesting new idea that at least goes someway to combating Microsoft’s streaming functionality for the Xbox One that will drop with Windows 10 later this fall.

PS4 MPCL1 Projector 2

The new device hooks up to a PlayStation 4 via a HDMI cable and is small enough to carry around, about the size of a small tablet in fact. As I mentioned, the MPCL1 projects the content of a PS4 onto any surface up to 120 inches, allowing you to broadcast games even if there is no TV present. Before continuing it is worth noting that the device can also hook up to other devices via HTMI too, so it is not exclusive for Sony’s games console.

Of course, as this is a portable projector, you are not going to get the greatest resolution in the world, and the specs do not match up to Sony’s other screening products. That’s hardly a surprise considering the $350 cost (Sony’s most premium projector costs $50,000) and the portability, but the MPCL1 can still give you a solid gaming experience on a wall with a resolution of 1920 x 720.

There are definitely plus points regarding this new product, chief among them it gives you the ability to play your PS4 anywhere, providing you can plug it in. This will be great for people on the road a lot, while it also allows you to play your PlayStation on a wall in the house while the wife and kids watch TV. Oh yes, shared TV, not even the living room gathering Xbox One manages that.

PS4 MPCL1 Projector 3

I am a bit miffed about the $350 cost though, essentially the same as the PS4 itself. I can see that price limiting the overall appeal of this product, and as such it will probably remain a niche device, albeit a nice idea all the same.

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