PS4 CE-37704 Error Fixes

There is a new error that seems to be sweeping users of the PlayStation 4 that tells users that their hard drives are full even if they still have huge amounts of space. The error code on the PS4 to look out for is CE-37704, and while it is another frustrating issue with the console, it is one that is easily solvable by you. However, there is no official fix from Sony just yet, so view the following methods as temporary.

The problem in question seems to happen when a user tries to update the PlayStation 4 or update a game title. Along with the CE-37704 error code, you should also see the following message if your console has been affected:

“Unable to download, not enough system storage, free up at least 134.3 MB more space.”

The cause seems to stem from the PS4 is not deleting update files and is caching the files in the hard drive somewhere. These files hijack the storage and fill up the space, even if the console says there is space yet when you navigate to details in the settings. Here are our temporary steps for fixing this issue.

Travel to System Storage Management on your PS4 console and delete games and/or updates from the system to create more space. Not ideal we admit, especially if all your saves are important, but we think most people can find some extra space by deleting games. If you do not want to delete games you can rebuild the PlayStation 4 database by doing the following:

Turn off your PS4 completely, not just in standby mode.

Plug your controller in to the USB port.

Press and hold the power button on the PS4 until there is a second beep.

Now you are in Safe Mode.

Choose Rebuild Database.

This second option is tested on some machines but admittedly did not work for everybody, and honestly neither fix is ideal. However, both will solve the CE-37704 error for the time being until Sony patches in a fix in a future update.

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