PS4 Titles we are still Looking Forward To This Year

There have already been some amazing games released on the PlayStation 4 this year, but there is actually many more to look forward to as the year progresses. We have been playing plenty, but you know there is a lot more left in the tank, so here are some of the games we are looking forward to destroying our social lives with in the coming months.

Everybody’s gone to Rapture

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
The Chinese Room’s Dear Esther was a non-PlayStation title that pretty much blew us away, we so wished it was available on consoles. Innovative and engaging, it changed convention to show us that video games can be immersive as storytelling tools with minimum gaming involved. The developer’s next game is Everybody’s gone to Rapture, which will fall during this summer.

While not a canon sequel to Dear Esther, this new title is a spiritual successor that is set in a 1980s that is playing host to the end of the world. The title alone conjures up all kinds of images and you can color me very excited about this one; although I would conclude that this may not be to everyone’s taste.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
I suspect this choice checks a lot more demographic boxes as it brings back one of gaming’s most beloved series. Metal Gear Solid has been with us for three decades and has become a staple of PlayStation consoles, so it is only fair that the PS4 gets its own title. Everything we have seen or read about this game suggests it will be epic.

Due to land on September 1st, The Phantom Pain twists the familiar linear gameplay of the Metal Gear series and swaps it for an open world adventure. Sure, that is hardly an original move these days, but the stealth and combat dynamics of this series in an open world could make for something truly special. It will be the biggest Metal Gear game by some distance and could it turn out to be the best?

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV ps4
Another franchise that is synonymous with PlayStation is Final Fantasy, but the latest title will also be available on the Xbox One (the last title was on the Xbox 360 too). That does nothing to dampen our eagerness to get our hands on Square Enix’s latest on the PS4 however. A lot has happened in the RPG arena since FF was last here and this game has been delayed a few times and has a lot to live up to. However, it is Final Fantasy and we cannot help but be super pumped to see if this joins some of the bona fide hits in the series, or becomes one of the misses.

Mad Max

mad max PS4Ok, we are not usually enthused by direct movie to videogame tie-ins, most are solid at best and downright awful at worst. However, Mad Max Fury Road was such a kick-ass visceral and action packed movie that we can’t help but get excited about this September 1st launching game. Our excitement is warranted right now because from what we have seen so far this looks like a high playable actioner.

Granted, nothing here looks highly original but the RPG elements of building car and character mixed with racing and third person action beats really could be a mix made in heaven. It could also be a hot mess, but with Avalanche Studios helming we doubt that would be allowed to happen.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn 13This PS4 exclusive is set to arrive in August and is shaping up to be a nerve jangling experience in horror/action, the title alone suggests a horror flick and the premise is not too wide of the mark either. Eight teens are stranded in a cabin surrounded by the woods and they have to survive the night.

If you think that sounds familiar then it is, because it has some pretty standard horror movie tropes as a premise. That said, this game is going to twist things on its head and offer some compelling gameplay and story twists. For example, it is an open ended narrative that is designed to be played through multiple times to unravel different twists in the story. Details about any combat or gameplay controls are a little thin, but on idea alone this has us intrigued.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky 02

Another PlayStation 4 exclusive (on console at least, the game will launch on PC too), No Man’s Sky seems to be an uber-cool sci-fi adventure that dazzles with original elements. If you know anything about this game then you will know we just sold it way short, as this has the potential to be an era defining title.

Taking some tricks from Minecraft, No Man’s Sky gives the gamer complete control over a galaxy of planets and inhabitants to control, and on each you can do what you want, create, build, destroy, and presumably nothing if you so choose. Users will also be able to planet hop by jumping in their spaceship and travelling to distant (and infinite we should mention) worlds.

As you can probably gather, we have only scratched the surface and there are many more titles coming. In fact, we have missed some really big hitters, so why not stick around for part 2 tomorrow to see some more of the games we are most waiting for in 2015.

Luke J

Luke is a huge gamer and techie who holds a degree in creative and professional writing from Glamorgan University.

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