Reasons Why Gran Turismo 7 Will be Worth the wait

It isn’t just PS4 gamers who are craving an awesome racing game right now, XBOX One owners are also in the same predicament. Forza 5 didn’t become the blockbuster release many XBOX One gamers initially expected, The Crew and Driveclub weren’t quite the titles many PS4 gamers were hoping for either, even though Driveclub looks absolutely stunning. The fact is, neither console has yet seen a jaw-dropping racing release.

Sony could have rushed the release of Gran Turismo 7 and made it a console launch title, however, it would have most likely turned out like Forza 5 did for the XBOX One. It would have grabbed an 8 out of 10 review rating – leaving you with a good racing experience to test out on your new console, but nothing more – and perhaps slightly tarnishing an otherwise award winning franchise.

A quality game shouldn’t be rushed; it takes years of creativity, feedback, ideas and development to make an award winning title. I guess some might say that Sony could have given us an initial taster with a ‘Prologue’ demo, just like they did with GT5. Maybe they will further down the line. What’s obvious is that Sony are wanting to create a racing experience you won’t find on any other gaming platform.

The Gran Turismo series started way back in 1997; the beginning of arguably the best racing game franchise of all time – not sure about you, but I can’t name a better one. I blame Gran Turismo 2 for my first purchase of a steering wheel on PS2 – this is exactly what an award winning racing title will and should do to you. Come to think of it, I’d be ready to buy a GT7 bundle which included a quality steering wheel. Wouldn’t you? This takes us on nicely to VR (virtual reality).

When will Sony’s VR headset release? When will Gran Turismo 7 release? You don’t need to be Einstein to consider that the two questions could go hand in hand. A perfect combination that are both worth waiting for. Of course, it’s complete speculation, however, it makes perfect sense that Sony would wait to announce the two together. After all, the racing genre is probably going to be one of the most exciting for Virtual Reality headset users.

We know that Sony are working on GT7 and I’m expecting an official announcement at this year’s E3 event with a 2016 release date. Sony haven’t provided much information other than confirming that they’re working on this title. We do know that the physics engine will be powered by the same one that GT6 uses. And, of course, the PS4 console will allow development in areas which wasn’t possible with the PS3.

They say that having competition is good – Forza Motorsport 6 was recently announced for the XBOX One, and it shouldn’t be too long before we start getting screenshots and exciting details from Sony regarding Gran Turismo 7. Both consoles are going to want to be crowned the best for racing genre fans.

Eric Fishback, Polyphony Digital Community Manager, said that they’re working on “the best Gran Turismo you can imagine“. I think it’s fair to say that we should trust his words and prepare for the best racing-sim ever.

James Allsopp

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