PSN Down for Certain Users

If you are having problems connecting to the PSN service then you should be aware that it seems many users are experiencing the same problem. The light is now showing as red on the official network status – suggesting that this an issue which won’t be resolved rapidly. You can also use Sony’s offical PlayStation Twitter account to get the latest official updates. The problem doesn’t seem to be effecting a specific country or region as people from USA, UK and parts of Europe have all commented that they aren’t able to login.


I’ve personally encountered two error messages; the connection to the server has been terminated (NW-31194-8) and The PlayStation Network is currently undergoing maintenance. It’s difficult to say whether all PSN network users are effected, we do know quite a number are, however. There’s not much else that we can do right now but hope Sony will get it back up fairly quickly.

James Allsopp

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