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Developer Housemarque is known in the industry for their cool side-scrolling games, the “Super Stardust” series being among their previous efforts.  With “Resogun” however, they’ve really outdone themselves it would seem.  Moreover, if you’re a PlayStation Plus member (and you probably are, right?) the game is offered as a free download.

As far as its story is concerned, Resogun doesn’t really offer much if you’re after intellectual exhibition.  No, the focus of this game is its action, which is relatively straight-forward, yet extremely satisfying nonetheless.  You start off by choosing between one of three different ships and then immediately spring into action, the goal of course being to take on alien invasion ships and rescue what’s left of the human race.  What makes this title so appealing is its feel, which might be best described as being like a mini-game with amazing graphics touting deceptively deep gameplay.   In other words, this isn’t just the sort of title that 2D aficionados or retro-minded people will find interesting; pretty much everyone will be able to get into it.  Moreover, since its free, there’s at least one really good reason to give it a shot.

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Perhaps one of the most obvious points of appeal for Resogun is its graphics, which are an impressive feast for the eyes, to say the least.  While the game is in fact based on a 2D design, it artfully incorporates the depth of various 3D environments to great effect.  For instance, the background sets really make you forget that you’re sliding across a static surface.  Of course the most interesting facet of Resogun is the incredible on-screen action that takes place.  You’ll be dodging floating laser cannons while taking on multiple enemy ships and maneuvering around various other obstacles.  Seriously, this game is a veritable lights / special effects bonanza.

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Along with some great visuals, Resogun also scores big with its gameplay, which is going to be instantly familiar to a lot of gamers.  At its core, it’s good, solid arcade fun – just steer and shoot, no surprises there.  However, each of the three different ships has their own built-in special ability, which you can strategically access in a pinch.  As with many other titles of this type, the goal is to score points and it goes without saying that pulling off multiple kills in a row increases your multiplier.  Likewise, rescuing humans also affects your stats, and more crafty players will be able to use every action to their advantage in order to keep their multiplier string(s) going for as long as possible.



All in all, Resogun is a really fine game, which is further accentuated by the fact that it’s freely available to download.  It’s also a challenging title, where you really need to be able to master a stage / level before encountering a boss.  Failure to do so will result in getting absolutely squashed, as one might expect.  Aside from that, Resogun is remarkable and is definitely worth your time.

Rating – 8.6

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