Rise Of The Tomb Raider coming to PS4 late next year

Man, I love Lara Croft… Sure, it’s geeky as hell considering she’s a computer generated figment of someone’s imagination, but oh well, what’s not to like? Yeah, she’s appeared in some poor Tomb Raider games, but the series is like a fiery phoenix rising from the flames to once again wow us. The 8th gen and the PS4 would be the perfect platform to see Lara nail that blend of action and adventure once more.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider
However, Sony’s market leading console will not actually be showcasing Rise of the Tomb Raider from launch, Microsoft got its paws on the title first and it will be exclusive on the company’s Xbox One (and 360). Not forever though, right?

Well, the PlayStation 4 (and indeed PC) will be getting Rise of the Tomb Raider eventually, the problem is I really do mean eventually. Square Enix, the developer behind Lara’s escapades, revealed today that the game will not drop on the PS4 until the Holiday Season of 2016. In case you don’t know when that is, it is a long f**king time, about a whole year away in fact.

PC and Steam users can rest a little easier as Rise of the Tomb Raider will be landing on those platforms in the early part of 2016. PS4 users though will have to watch for a whole year as their Xbox One using counterparts enjoy the game and probably complete it about ten times, all before the title even becomes available for the Sony console.

Of course, Sony has its own titles in this vein, the upcoming Capcom made Street Fighter V is one such example, and I think it throws up an interesting debate. Rise of the Tomb Raider will be available for a whole year before it comes to the PS4 and in that time will undoubtedly see a significant price drop. When it does come to PlayStation, will it still cost full market price, or will it be priced to reflect its position as a title that is actually old?

I know the answer, but it’s an interesting idea to ponder.

Luke J

Luke is a huge gamer and techie who holds a degree in creative and professional writing from Glamorgan University.

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