A sneak peek at Giotek’s Upcoming PS4 Accessories

Giotek is a company that’s known for producing aftermarket accessories and peripherals for video game consoles.  Needless to say, they tend to regularly release products which range from being fairly conventional to the unexpected and fantastic.  Recently, Giotek announced the impending release of their upcoming line of products for the PlayStation 4, which has a lot of gamers exciting to say the least.  These offerings include no less than 15 items, covering all the basics.  Of course, what makes Giotek’s stuff so interesting is that they always seem to find a way to incorporate all the basic features one needs without inflating the price tag too much.  At the same time, durability is also a factor, with many of their products being made to stand up to a fair amount of abuse without breaking down.  We’re about to take a sneak peek at some of them right now…


HC-2 Wired headset & HC-5 Wireless headset

Quite simply, both models here (wired and wireless) largely feature the same basic design and components, save for the method they use to connect to Sony’s flagship machine.  Naturally, the wireless model is a bit more feature-laden than its simpler sibling, but don’t get the wrong idea, both seem poised to deliver great performance at positively budget-level prices.

HC-2 Wired Stereo Headset

The HC-2 generates high quality sound via its 40mm speaker drivers, which are capable of great depth in terms of overall quality.  For those that might be wondering, yes this applies to both chat as well as in-game audio.   Also on board is a flexible boom mic and LED illumination, both of which are incredibly handy and stylish features.  It’s pretty much the sort of headset you can just plug in and go with, simple as that.  Moreover, the padded ear muffs allow the headset to remain comfortably seated on the gamer’s head for long periods of time without inducing pain (which is a more common occurrence than you might think).  It’s also worth mentioning that the HC-2 also functions with a range of other consoles as well, including mobile devices and even tablets.

HC-5 Wireless Stereo Headset:

HC-5 Wireless Stereo Headset

Its wireless brother, the HC-5 is extremely similar only it has a Lithium Polymer battery inside as well as an RF dongle.   There’s also a stereo amplifier built into the unit and oversized controls onboard as well which make overall control easier to manage.  The HC-5 also has the right looks and style to go along with its great features, including the same sort of deeply padded design as is found on the HC-2.  Really, the main difference here is the wireless capability found in the HC-5, well, that and the higher price.  Additionally, this headset is also compatible with all 8th generation consoles as well as 7th and PC, Mac, Mobile, etc.

Gaming chair

The RC-3 Gaming chair

To put it simply, the RC-3 gaming chair is both a functional piece of furniture as well as possibly a critical part of any PS4 user’s overall setup.  While it is indeed a chair which rests rather low to the ground, thus allowing for increased comfort, it is also packed with additional features.  For instance, there are built-in speakers set alongside a folding design which makes it useful for all conventional gaming applications as well as incredibly easy to store.  That’s right; you can actually connect the chair directly to the tv’s audio out slot(s) for stunningly superior sound quality and a heightened sense of immersion.

The RC-3 Gaming chair

Just like most of the other products which are part of Giotek’s new line for the PS4, this chair also remains compatible for a full range of other devices, computers and consoles (including the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Mobile, Mac, etc.)   Some might even choose to hook their Mp3 devices up to it for a more powerful way to experience the music they love.

The chair itself is fully adjustable as well, with the ability to set multiple angles of incline you better suit your needs for comfort.  This is especially important because, as you probably already are aware, extremely long play sessions can be somewhat trying at times and even physically demanding.  Even better, the chair’s designers thought to include several areas for storage: on the back (a mesh pocket), in the front and on the side.  Naturally, these are all great places to stash your other peripherals or maybe even your phone (while you’re gaming).  The RC-3 also remains somewhat affordable while maintaining this line of features and durability – no small feat.  You’ll be able to pick one up for £69.99 – £79.99 in fact.  In short, this is no doubt a great deal for PS4 owners and concerned gamers in general.

Look for Giotek at this year’s E3, where they will be displaying and demonstrating their new 2014 PS4 / next-gen accessories product line(s).

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