Sony Debuts Vote Feature for PS Plus Free Game

Sony is debuting a new feature on the PlayStation Network (no, not one that stops it going down unfortunately) that lets users vote for the next game that will appear on the PlayStation Plus free game service next.

The feature was first spotted in the UK, where a video emerged showing a feature called “Vote to Play”, and it seems Sony will set a specific period in time in which gamers can vote between three selected titles. The winner after that set time will be added to PlayStation Plus free list the next month when the list is refreshed.

If you was getting behind a title that was not voted to become free, Sony says the losing two titles will then be available at a discount, provided you are a user of PlayStation Plus. If you want to check this new feature out, you can hit up the video directly from the What’s New Section of your PlayStation 4 dashboard.

Grow Home

The current vote is open and is letting you decide between either Armello, Grow Home, or Zombie Vikings in the Vote to Play feature. Grow Home is particularly interesting as it comes from a Ubisoft project and has not even been officially announced yet for the PS4. Not that we are trying to influence your vote or anything, but Grow Home LOOKS INTERESTING!

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