The Best Games Coming to the PS4 in December

Thanks to a number of fantastic releases and a plethora of exciting announcements, it was a good year for the PlayStation 4. As 2015 draws to a close, though, what’s left? December is going to be a bit sparse as far as new releases go, but what is being offered should definitely get you excited. From the highly anticipated Just Cause 3 to a promising first look at Uncharted 4 multiplayer, this year is definitely closing with a bang thanks to a handful of games that will no doubt keep you occupied well into 2016.

Just Cause 3Dec 1

Just Cause 3

Right out of the gate we have the sequel to a game that offered endless hours of replayability back on the PS3, and this one looks to raise the bar even higher. In Just Cause 3 you’ll be grappling, parachuting and now wingsuiting across 400 square miles of paradise with plenty of weapons and tricks at your disposal. The game is set on the fictional Mediterranean island of Medici, and series protagonist Rico Rodriguez returns, this time focused on bringing down the island’s powerful dictator- General Di Ravello.

In this way, Just Cause 3 is more of the same, but with as much fun as previous installments were, that’s not a bad thing. Aside from the new environment, wingsuit and a variety of new vehicles, players will be given more freedom when it comes to movement, a more destructible environment to play with, and plenty of new side quests and challenges. The only downside is that there won’t be any sort of cooperative or competitive multiplayer.

Rainbow Six: Siege– Dec 1

Rainbow Six Siege
Releasing right alongside JC3, Rainbow Six: Siege is for the multiplayer crowd- the game is online only, and (with the recent announcement of free DLC for a year) built for the long haul. R6:S is an FPS in which members of the counter terrorist “Rainbow 6” unit do battle against terrorists in a variety of close quarters environments.

According to the developers, the three pillars of the R6:S experience are “teamwork, tactics and tension,” as matches are quick, there’s no respawning, and it will require both efficient planning and quick thinking to take out the other team. Destruction is a major key to success, as floors and ceilings can be breached in addition to walls and windows, so no two games will be alike.

Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta– Dec 4-13

Uncharted 4 Multiplayer
If you’re a big Uncharted fan, you probably picked up the PS4 remake of the original trilogy last month. Well, you’re getting more than just what came in the box- The Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End multiplayer beta is only open to those who purchased The Nathan Drake Collection. While details are a bit sparse at this point, we know that the multiplayer is being handled by a large majority of The Last of Us team, and you’ll be getting access to a variety of modes, maps and features for over a week.

Star Wars Battlefront “Battle of Jakku” DLC– Dec 8 (or Dec 1)

Star Wars Battlefront Battle of Jakku
The only reason “Jakku” isn’t included in the Battlefront box is that it’s an environment being revealed in the new movie The Force Awakens, but the good news is that players who preordered the game will still get to explore it a little early- Dec 1 to be exact. Everyone else will have to wait until the 8th, but nobody has to pay- The Battle of Jakku is and always will be free for anyone who owns the base Battlefront game. Jakku is a new map set on a desert planet, and it looks absolutely stunning in the trailers.

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