Top 7 PS4 Games That Were Released – Jan 2023 Revealed

The first month of the year, January 2023, heralds the arrival of several distinctive video games from well-known studios and independent game creators. The games cover a wide range of genres, from racing to multiplayer online battle. It would be interesting to see if any of the upcoming PS4 games have the potential to gain the popularity and fandom of some of the eSports listed on GGBET.

1.    Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider

Moonriders Vengeful Guardian is a throwback to the early days of gaming. The side-scrolling action game centers on Moonrider, a formidable super warrior on a mission to overthrow a totalitarian regime and end its tyranny. It’s interesting that the same forces that rule the globe created Moonrider. The game’s combat is complex but incredibly responsive. Vengeful Guardian has a total of eight stages for a player to cross. Also, the striking graphics have been masterfully made to provide the most immersive experience of pixel art games from the 16-bit era.

2.    Lone Ruin

In the twin-stick shooter game Lone Ruin, the player character is controlled using two joysticks. The game, created by Cuddle Monster Games and released by Super Rare Originals, centers on an anonymous explorer who, as the player character, must locate a lost power in a mythical city that has been destroyed. The protagonist must fight weird creatures in the city, built over a mystical source from which ancient wizards attained their powers. The objective is to locate the legendary force and assist in purging the destroyed city of the corrupted magic that caused it to collapse a millennium before. Lone Ruin offers a survival mode in addition to the standard adventure mode for players that enjoy battling waves of foes.

3.    One Piece Odyssey

One of the best elements about One Piece Odyssey, which Bandai Namco Entertainment publishes, is that Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the renowned manga series on which the game is based, was actively involved in its development. This may be why its gameplay and visuals blend aspects of manga and Japanese role-playing games (JRPG). One Piece’s 25th anniversary is commemorated with the game. When they become stuck on the strange island of Watford due to a storm, the crew must work together while battling foes, the island’s natural forces, and its inhabitants. In addition to the main plot, players can take part in side quests and conflicts to better get to know the game and its characters.

4.    A Space for the Unbound

The game is set in rural Indonesia in the 1990s. It belongs to the genre of slice-of-life adventure, in which the plot mimics the unremarkable daily routines of actual people. A Space for the Unbound is the coming-of-age tale of two young people, Raya and Atma. They were best buddies in high school and are frequently seen together. When a mysterious supernatural force threatens their reality, Atma and Raya experience an existential crisis. They work together to uncover the mysteries in the game and gain a better understanding of themselves. The ploy of A Space for the Unbound and its use of fantastical elements deal with despair and anxiety. Beautiful pixel imagery in the game adds to its depth.

5.    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable

Persona 3 Portable, often known as P3P, is a long-running installment in the Shin Megami series of video games, comics, anime, and other media. P3P was first released in 2006 on the PS2 by the game’s creator, Atlus which later became available on the PSP gaming system as well. Both critics and players gave favorable reviews. The video game’s plot will be the same for the new platforms as for the PSP version when they become playable in January 2023.

The player character is a part of a secret school club and must use a power known as Persona from within to prevent humanity from being destroyed by evil beings. Players can also choose a female protagonist, which impacts the game’s dynamics and adds unique gameplay elements.

6.    Forspoken

Forspoken, a video game created by Luminous Productions and released by Square Enix, is about a New York City resident named Frey Holland. In the game, Frey is abruptly transported to the enigmatic country of Athia, where she learns she has magical powers and improved parkour talents. She discovers that the area was once lovely, but a phenomenon known as the Break contaminated it and everything that lived there. She fights against grotesque creatures, and demonic sorceresses called Tantas, who were formerly kind matriarchs. Frey needs to use her newly discovered abilities to fight foes and navigate the dangerous terrain to get back to NYC. Beautiful scenery in the open-world game, including deep canyons, floating rocks, and imposing walls together create an excellent visual experience for the players.

8.   Season: A Letter to the Future

The gameplay trailer for Scavengers Studio’s upcoming game Season: A Letter to the Future depicts a breathtakingly gorgeous environment. Players will undoubtedly be immersed in the game world thanks to the graphics and dramatic third-person experience. It also follows the exploits of the main character, Estelle, who travels on a bicycle while keeping a journal of her observations for the future.

PS4 Horror Game Frenzy Continues

During the holiday season and the run-up to New Year, hundreds of PS4 games went on sale. Amongst them was Sagebrush, which caught the eye of many looking for horror games since Halloween. Sagebrush is a first-person narrative adventure game with a horror element launched in 2018. It was created and published by Redact Games. Several PS4 games on are continuing to show the trending popularity even after the holiday season is over.

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