Chances of Winning CS:GO Roulette: An Analytical Approach to the Game

What are your real chances of winning at CS:GO Roulette? The answer will depend on the bet you place, but nonetheless; it’s critical to know more about it, to gamble responsibly and with effectiveness. 

Today, we are going to take an analytical approach to CS:GO Roulette. We will discuss our findings, after analyzing millions of results from Roulette rounds from platforms like CSGOEmpire and CSGORoll.

Before we start…

You cannot just play on the first CSGO roulette site you find, because the game might be rigged against you. To avoid this huge problem, only play at Provably Fair CS:GO roulette sites, because it guarantees that all the results will be random. 

If you are new to the CS:GO gambling scene, then it will be useful for you to check out sites like CSGORadar, where you will find a ranking of the top CS:GO roulette casinos, selected by specialists in iGaming and CS:GO gambling.

The chances of winning at CSGO Roulette in numbers

Since the leading CSGO Roulette sites are Provably Fair, we can explore all the results that have been recorded on their public blockchain. From just checking the last 50 results to the last 1,000,000 spins of the Roulette, you will find all the info you need here.

After analyzing thousands of results, we found out the real chances of winning when you bet on Red, Black and Green respectively:

  • Red: 46.66%
  • Black: 46.66%
  • Green: 6.66%

For now you know what your chances of winning are when you place a bet on Red, Black, or Green. But there’s a lot more you should consider when playing CS:GO Roulette, because probabilities can behave in surprising ways…

We also found that the longest streak of consecutive rounds when Red did hit is 14, and the same applies to Black. When we talk about Green, its longest streak of consecutive rounds has been 4.

From the previous paragraph, we can come to the conclusion that betting on only one color is a sure way to lose your money, because you can easily find yourself in a streak of 6 to 14 consecutive rounds when the contrary color will hit over and over again. And if you use a Martingale, then kiss goodbye to your cash.

If you want to use the Martingale, then you need to wait for at least 8 consecutive rounds of a specific color before you start betting against it. According to the research, it’s highly unlikely for a streak to continue after the 8 count. 

You can place a bet of $0.10 once you find this pattern, and then keep doubling it until you win. Of course, this is not 100% guaranteed that the streak will finish. Perhaps it could continue until #14 consecutive rounds, or perhaps some more. Everything is possible when it comes to gambling games.

Patience is the key

Fact is most people won’t have the necessary patience to wait for such a pattern to appear, because it will take a while. Especially if you have a low bankroll. Patience is key here, and if you don’t have it, then you will end up acting on your emotions, and that will lead to expensive mistakes.

This is why most people lose money when playing Roulette or any other gambling game, be it on CS:GO casinos, online casinos or offline casinos. When you cannot stick to a plan, then your chances of winning will quickly come back to 0%, because winning is being able to cash out the profits to spend it on the things you like the most, not giving it all back to the casino along with your entire bankroll.

Now that you have read this, put this approach in practice. If you have a good bankroll, then set up a goal (in terms of percentage), and once you hit it, cash out your profits. 

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