The Best Graphics Cards of 2022

If you’re looking to make a graphics card purchase you’ve probably noticed that you’re spoilt for choice. If you’re not sure where to put your money, don’t fret. We have put together a list of the best graphics card 2022 has to offer. Read on to explore our top picks.

Where to Look

What you buy depends on what you want the card to do, what your budget is, and how serious you are about your graphics. You can see the best graphics card 2022 has to offer on the linked guide which has a thorough round-up. They have thousands of GPU options to choose from and live chat support if you need any help deciding.

The Cards

Here are three of the best graphics cards of 2022 that CCL has to offer.

Gainward GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Phoenix 8GB GPU

The Gainward GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Phoenix is a three slot, 8GB graphics card with a dynamic cooling fan system. One thing it is praised for is its clock speed, which is higher in comparison than other models of a similar price currently available. That means high processing power, which makes quick graphics rendering.

Pros & Key Features

  • Boosted Performance: You will see a distinction in performance from the GeForce when held against other GPUs. This is owing to the Nvidia GPU Boost technology.
  • HDMI and Display Port: You get three Display Port outputs plus one HMDI. Some people lean towards HDMI when it comes to crisper graphics, but Display Ports, which are more common on PCs, are still good.
  • 608 GB Memory Bandwidth: This is nothing to turn down. It’s at the top end of what you would expect in order to be able to manage the graphics on a standard game.
  • Dynamic Fan: The dynamic fan is known as one of the better cooling systems available for GPUs. You need a good cooling system to avoid damage to your hardware.


It looks great and it delivers what is says it will on the tin. It’s definitely up there as a contender for first place and if you decide to purchase this model you will get a visually undisturbed game with little to no glitching.

ASUS Radeon RX 6650 XT Dual 8GB OC GPU

ASUS Radeon RX 6650 XT Dual is a dual GPU with an 8GB memory capacity. It has plenty of specialist features from ASUS including things that make your game visuals even more appealing. 

Pros & Key Features

  • 4.0 Interface: The main benefit of a 4.0 interface is that you get a faster game load. It’s definitely worth having as a gamer.
  • Dynamic Cooling Fan: One of the best ways to ensure your GPU is maintained properly. Dynamic cooling fans are quieter and more efficient than some alternatives.
  • AMD FidelityX Super Resolution: This is a real standout feature that enables game boosting across multiple screens, without having to compromise on the quality of the graphics.


The Radeon RX gets a big thumbs up. It has cool features that really boost it to the top of the ranks, and it’s not overly expensive compared to some of the top spec GPUs currently available. It can hold its own in the market, which is what you need out of your GPU.

MSI Radeon RX 7650 XT Gaming X Trio 12GB OC GPU

MSI Radeon RX 7650 XT Gaming X Trio is a 12 GB pre overlocked GPU with rave reviews all round. It has a great clock speed, isn’t too clunky aesthetically, and comes with the all-important dynamic cooling fan system. Let’s take a look at some its best parts.

Pros & Key Features

  • 12 GB: This is the best memory on our list, though that is reflected in the price.
  • Pre Overclocked: This just means that the GPU comes already clocked by the manufacturer. Why is this a benefit? Because overclocking has been proven to massively boost performance.
  • HDMI & Display Port: It comes with one HDMI output and a couple of Display Port outputs as well. HDMI has the edge over Display Port in terms of a clearer picture, but Display Port is pretty great too.


All in all, this is a great graphics card, even if you have to dive a little deeper into your wallet to purchase one. It performs exceptionally and the manufacturer seems to have ticked performance boxes left right and centre.

So, there you have our three top picks. These are all great cards for if you’re on a slightly tighter budget and they don’t hit the top range of prices that some GPUs can carry. Remember that more expensive doesn’t necessarily translate into better quality, and you can get a brilliant graphics experience from mid-range priced GPUs as well. Every entry on this list has earned its place there.

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