The Best of August: Top Three PS4 Games

August is here, but even though the summer sun is enticing us outside, we are still managing to get plenty of gaming ours under our belts on the PlayStation 4. While Batman: Arkham Knight tided us over with a June launch, the month of July was a stinker in terms of quality titles landing. Sadly August is not much better as the big hitters will start arriving in September (Mad Max and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain anyone?)

Nevertheless there are some games to get excited about so here are our games to look for in August on the PS4.

Zombi (August 18th)

Zombi  ps4
The list of zombie games is a long one, most terrible and some gems, so where Zombi will fit into that scale is still unknown. We guess somewhere in the middle as it certainly has some good things going for it and of course some are already familiar with this game. This first person shooter is published by Ubisoft and of course it was something of a hit on the Wii U (as Wii U hits go that is) when it first launched as ZombiU back in 2012. Sure, this is an old title, but it is a solid and fun shooter, with the Wii U elements obviously removed. Zombi will only be available to purchase through your console and not physically.

Until Dawn (August 25th)

Until Dawn
While Zombi is a cross platform title, Until Dawn will arrive later in the month as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. If we say this is another survival horror title you may be put off, but from what we know that description alone does this game a disservice. Yes, we expect that plenty of the tropes of this genre will be intact, but the game will actually look to add some new ideas to the mix. Until Dawn will employ something called the Butterfly Effect, which essentially means each decision you make has an impact later in the game… meaning no two play troughs are the same.

Everybody’s Gone to Rapture (August 11th)

Everybody’s Gone to Rapture
The Chinese Room’s Dear Esther was a non-PlayStation title that pretty much blew us away, we so wished it was available on consoles. Innovative and engaging, it changed convention to show us that video games can be immersive as storytelling tools with minimum gaming involved. The developer’s next game is Everybody’s gone to Rapture, which will fall during this summer. While not a canon sequel to Dear Esther, this new title is a spiritual successor that is set in a 1980s that is playing host to the end of the world. The title alone conjures up all kinds of images and you can color us very excited about this one; although I would conclude that this may not be to everyone’s taste.

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