The 10 Best PS4 Robot Games To Play Right Now

Greetings, human, and welcome to the post-apocalyptic robot future. You want to know what happened to get us here? Humour circuits activated. Ha ha ha. I cannot believe you are unfamiliar with the history of our robot-ruled world. What is that you are saying with your human voice box? Do we at least still have the PS4 in this future? Of course we do. We are not monsters. However, there are now only robot games. Do not waste your time with the also-rans. Here are the 10 best PS4 robot games to play right now.

1. Titanfall 2

The first Titanfall was an Xbox and PC exclusive that was a little insubstantial for the price it was asking for, but Titanfall 2 followed that up with a single-player campaign that turned out to be one of the best FPS story modes in years. Thanks to its parkour platforming and tight, responsive shooting, the single-player mode in Titanfall 2 is excellent, and the multiplayer is still a lot of fun, so send some of your cash Respawn’s way and grab this one if you haven’t already.

2. Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Unfortunately, Astro Bot Rescue Mission is only compatible with PlayStation VR, so you won’t be able to play it if you don’t have a headset. If you do, however, it’s one of the most charming and compelling experiences you can have on your PS4. You must guide the adorable Astro as he explores an unfamiliar world in an attempt to rescue his friends. This is a classic 3D platformer, complete with collectibles and plenty of challenge, and its VR perspective gives it a unique draw.

3. Stray

Again, we’re cheating slightly with Stray, because you don’t actually play as a robot. Instead, you play as an adorable little orange cat, but you are exploring a world that’s full of robots, so we’re giving it a pass. They may be artificial beings, but they’ve got personalities just like humans, and you’ll get to know a cast of them as you explore a cyberpunk city overrun with a mysterious swarming virus. Stray isn’t particularly challenging, but it’s a moody, atmospheric narrative adventure that’s worth experiencing.

4. Horizon Forbidden West

Not only is Horizon Forbidden West a great robot game, but it’s also a great dinosaur game, so you’re killing two giant robo-birds with one expertly aimed stone. You are Aloy, a warrior fresh from the events of Horizon Zero Dawn (which we’ll come to in a minute). A new threat is looming over the world, so you must travel to the titular Forbidden West in order to deal with it. As you do, you’ll encounter more giant robot animals and dinosaurs to hunt and loot.

5. Horizon Zero Dawn

When Horizon Zero Dawn first arrived, it looked like a solid, if unadventurous, open-world game. In terms of gameplay, that’s what we got, but Zero Dawn actually has a pretty great story to discover; it has explanations for things you didn’t even know you needed explained. As outcast warrior Aloy, you must leave your life of solitude to uncover the truth behind the history of your world, and to do so, you’ll need to battle giant robots and hostile tribespeople alike.

6. F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch

Forged In Shadow Torch has to win the “most nonsensical name” competition, but it’s a rock-solid Metroidvania platformer in which you play as a gruff bunny rabbit piloting a giant mech. You must explore a moody cyberpunk world that’s not a million miles away from the one depicted in Stray, albeit not quite as post-apocalyptic, in order to liberate it from its tyrannical overlords. It’s visually rich and rewarding in terms of gameplay as well, so if you like Metroidvania games, here’s a classic option for you.

7. Mega Man 11

The eleventh game in the Mega Man series is far from the actual eleventh game, but Capcom’s decisive numbering decision should tell you everything you need to know. After the retro stylings of Mega Man 9 and 10, Mega Man 11 adopts a more modern aesthetic, but it still offers the same challenging run-and-gun platforming action the series is known for. Technically, you’re playing as a robot in this game, too, which allows us to put it on our “best robot games” list. Hurrah!

8. Blazing Chrome

One of Blazing Chrome’s two protagonists is a robot, so we feel like we’re justified in adding it to this list. The game is a classic run-and-gun shooter indebted to the likes of Metal Slug and Contra, so if you’re after a slice of hardcore retro action, you could do a lot worse than The Arcade Crew’s offering. It’s a little short, but it’s designed to be replayed, so fire it up when you’re looking for a brief burst of intense action that will test your skills to the limit.

9. NieR: Automata

Why are we putting NieR: Automata on this list of the best PS4 robot games? Well, take a look at the title – the word “automata” is right there. The main characters in this game are all androids, assigned to the Earth to defend it from hostile robots after humanity flees in order to protect itself. What follows is a characteristically strange journey from auteur Yoko Taro, complete with weird plot twists, gameplay fake-outs, and more. Platinum Games handled the combat here, too, so it’s responsive and fun.

10. Terminator: Resistance

We may well be shot of the age in which tie-in games to massive movie franchises are inevitably terrible. After the success of Alien Isolation comes Terminator: Resistance, a surprisingly solid first-person shooter set in the world of the titular sci-fi franchise. You are Jacob Rivers, a part of John Connor’s resistance against the malicious AI Skynet, and you must fight and craft your way through a reasonably well-crafted first-person shooter campaign. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’ll pass the time.

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