The “Orbis” & a Bungie / Activision release for the “PS4” scheduled by 2014…?

The PS4 Rumor Mill: 

The “Orbis” & a Bungie / Activision release for the “PS4” scheduled by 2014…? 

What dedicated gamer isn’t interested in the upcoming consoles from Sony and Microsoft?  While there are always wild rumors flying around on the net about all manner of console-related craziness, two of the most interesting (and plausible, given the evidence) rumors have recently come to our attention.

The “Orbis”

A credible Kotaku source has revealed that Sony may in fact be calling their next generation behemoth the Playstation Orbis.  While we don’t have any idea who the source is or where they might be getting their information from, we do know that this same source has in fact provided “spot-on” Intel in the past.  So there’s at least an outside chance that this rumor might actually turn out to be true.  In addition to that tidbit our intrepid Kotaku source also noted that the next Playstation console is likely to feature an AMD CPU and components.  Other institutions are reporting similar but different “sourced” rumors, indicating other types of AMD hardware instead.  Regardless of the specifics in terms of hardware, it’s pretty clear that the PS4 (or perhaps “Orbis”) will be packing quite a bit of computing power.

Possibly a 2014 or 2013 release date for the PS4…

In other exciting news, due to a recent lawsuit, certain information has surface with regards to the 2012-2014 plans of two of the leading video game developers.  A legal scuffle concerning an upcoming Bungie game called “Destiny” (which is due on the 360 and its predecessor in the fall of 2013), has revealed plans for that same game to be released onto both the PS3 and PS4 in 2014.  Again, this isn’t speculation on the part of gamers out in the vast internet wasteland; this information was revealed throughout legal proceedings and indicates that there was apparently ample planning in place to service an upcoming PS4 console release.

PS4 Concept
PS4 Concept

So there you have it, there might be an “Orbis” in place of the PS4, and it might be upon us in as little as a year or two.  Regardless of whether or not these juicy rumors turn out to be true, they do certainly spark the imagination don’t they?  At any rate, we can expect the PS4, Orbis, whatever it will be called…to deliver in terms of performance and graphics.  So, until the next-Gen console officially drops, our collective imaginations will just have to work overtime in coming up with visions of what our gaming future holds in store for us.  Are you stoked?

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