Sony’s PS4: backward compatible or not?

With Sony’s PS4 all set for a release next year the world of gaming has been set ablaze by rumors. There have been all kinds of speculations about the new gaming console which might or might not be named Orbis. The latest gossip is that Sony will either limit or block used games on the console, according to inside sources.

PS4 Backwards Compatibility – How To Play PS2 And PS3 Games On PS4

The Orbis will not have backward compatibility and hence will not support PS3, PS2 or PS1 games. Instead, word has it that Sony will force game developers to design games in such a way that they will be locked to the players’ individual PlayStation Network accounts. This way, buyers who purchase a new copy of the game will be able to play and open the entire content of the game, but if someone was to buy a used game, they would have to make do with limited access. Is this a method to prevent piracy scams? Or just another way to earn more money on a system Sony Entertainment has spent millions of dollars on. Whatever the intentions may be, this will surely give Sony complete control over pre-owned purchases and hence less chances of fraud and unwanted propagandas.

While industry insiders are not entirely too happy with this decision, it seems like a good profiteering move on Sony’s part, and odds are that Sony will carry through with it. Users on online forums are arguing against such a move, and some have even insisted that they will not purchase the PS4 if such a rumor is true.

DFC Intelligence’s David Cole is aware of the fact that if this rumor turns out to be true, many prospective buyers would change their decision to purchase the PS4, and insists that because of this factor Sony will probably not take such a drastic step. In a recent statement he said, “A system that tried to stop used game sales would probably turn off the core consumers that rush to trade in their old product to buy new product. In other words, I don’t think it would do so well in the core market.”

There has not been an official statement from Sony so far, as it has vowed to remain quite on all the gossip surrounding the PS4.

There is a good chance that the rumor will in fact turn out to be true; Sony has been known to lean against used games in the past too as it announced that every game featuring online play after Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception would need an Online Pass. However, with more than a year left till the possible gaming console’s launch, whether or not this rumor turns out to be true, only time will tell.

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10 years ago

if Sony goes with x86 or x64 like the rumors say the console will be hacked to death worse than the PsP. I mean, doesn’t Windows 7 has a unique process of activation yet you can run a pirated copy very easily? In fact, I’ve been using a pirated copy of Windows 7 Ultimate since the day the OS came out and the Loader does a really good job at cheating on the activation process because you can even run original MS protected software like the MS essentials anti-virus, Visual Studio, MS Office and even update to the latest ServicePack updates like nothing.

And PC has PS1 and PS2 software emulation running on that architecture (x86-x64) so if Sony doesn’t add it then hackers will. The only problem here would be the PS3 because of its unique architecture, so without including the Cell (which would increase the production cost of the console itself) PS3 BC is impossible.

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