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Amidst all the buzz and excitement building up in the gaming world regarding the upcoming PlayStation 4 (PS4), set to release in late 2013, many rumors are rife regarding the design and concept of the gaming console. Where Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has always come up with the most suitable consoles for the previous PlayStation models, there is no doubt that the next console model will also be out of this world. Different designers and famous conceptual artists have already started giving their ideas and putting their imagination to use to come up with the most suitable and the most attractive, not to mention the latest and slickest, PlayStation model for the PlayStation 4.

PS4 Concept - Joseph Dumary
PS4 Concept - Joseph Dumary

One big name in the field of conceptual artists, Joseph Dumary, came up with a brilliant model. Yanko Designs released Dumary’s concept idea of which sixty percent was built using recycled material. Special importance has been given to the Eco-Friendly design specifications. This model not only provides a Blu-Ray drive but also supports up to 1.5 terabytes of data. Energy was also a primary aspect noted while designing this model, and the gaming console can live at 0 watt energy saving mode on stand-by, allowing the user to restart the saved game right from where they left off, enabling minimal energy consumption especially because a full reboot would not be required. The concept also comes with a 4K resolution enhancer hence giving up to a maximum of six televisions to connect to the gaming console at once!

A young graphic designer and science student, named Darpan, from India also tried to fulfill the needs of the gamers’ thirst by producing his concept design. In Darpan’s design the players gaming console and games are not only safe and secure due to the biometric lock matched to the player, but also the player can enjoy the same motion sensor controller along with a touch screen interface. His idea seems to be coming into reality as Sony Computers Entertainment is sure not to fall back in the motion sensor race. Sony will definitely be checking out Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console, to ensure that the PS4 exceeds the motion-sensing field. Hence Darpan’s controller should be at the top in the list of options Sony Computer Entertainment will have surely to be able to stay in form for the competitive market.

PS4 Concept by Darpan

Along with these are many other designs and conceptual artists at work trying to bag the next Sony legacy not just for the money, but also to have their named attached to such dramatic and extravagant discoveries bound to be remembered and talked about for many years, decades even, you never know. Everyone has moved to using the top of the line gaming devices but yet, no one has forgotten their first ever PlayStation 1!

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