PlayStation 4: Orbis; the circle of life

Kotaku, a blog dedicated to the discussion of video games, released some amazing details about the PlayStation 4. Kotaku claims that these details come from a reliable source however, the source remained anonymous. Sources suggest the name of the new PlayStation as Orbis, the Latin for circle.

Although many people believe that it is just an observation or a working name, like NGP for PSP2, and is likely to change, there is some evidence that the machine has been christened Orbis. Type into your web browser, it takes you to Sony’s portal for Vita. Now try typing, Sony’s portal for PS3. But you are not directed to any portal with Has the portal not been developed yet? It has and it is accessible through the console’s name,

This makes one wonder why Orbis. Maybe the makers, Sony, want people to know that the console employs circular disks. This seems highly unlikely considering the fact that almost all of the video game systems use round disks. Naming the entire console after it seems, well, stupid. Maybe the console itself is circular shaped, that would be an interesting piece of technology to own.

PS4 Orbis Concept

However, there is another interesting observation. If you couple the name, Orbis, with the latest version in Sony’s handheld technology, Vita, you have yourself Orbis Vita: the circle of life. Does this imply that PlayStation 4 would be Vita compatible? Possibly.

If the PlayStation 4 will be Vita compatible, it would be a breather for gamers considering the rumors about how Sony plans to ditch all outdated technology, meaning the PlayStation 4 is highly unlikely to support PlayStation 3 games. Those dreaming of recycling their PlayStation 3 games can forget doing so if this is correct.

Emoting Sony’s hatred for all things used, not only does PlayStation 4 drop the use of PlayStation 3 games, Sony has a new trick up its sleeve. It is rumored that Sony is adopting a no-reuse policy which means that you can no longer share games with your next-door neighbor. How would it work? PlayStation 4 games will be available on Blu-ray discs or as downloads. Once you insert the disc into your console, it gets linked to your PSN account. Same is the case with downloadable games, they are linked to your PSN account letting you re-download the game again on your console but making it impossible to share the game with others.

If rumors are to be believed, the PlayStation 4 or Orbis is not very friendly to those who were looking to employ cost cutting strategies.

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  1. as i see it now, with rumored console specifics, like the lack of second-hand purchases, always net-enabled; and with what i see, the more nickel-and-diming of us consumers…i see my future AAA gaming coming in the form of a tablet pc. consoles will soon become obsolete should this all come to fruition. just my two-cents…

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