PlayStation 4; when will the wait end?

With nine months to go, children worldwide are already excited and waited impatiently for Christmas of 2012, but not as impatiently as gamers worldwide are waiting for the holiday season of 2013. Why, you ask. Because there is a high probability that the PlayStation 4, or as rumor mill is calling it Orbis, will be released in time for Christmas 2013. However, that is not the only rumor going around about the release dates of the new Sony game console. There are as many speculations about the launch as there are gamers worldwide. So let’s take a look at the few rumors that have been garnering the most fame.

June 2012

MCV, world’s biggest platform for news about gaming and other interactive software, claims that fans will be able to get a look of PS3’s successor at E3 2012. E3 is the largest trade show where firms premiere their upcoming products in the field of gaming and entertainment. E3 2012 is rumored to be bigger and better than ever as there is chance of launch of not one, not two but three different gaming consoles; Xbox 720, PS4 and Wii U. With a high probability of Xbox being premiered at E3, speculators found it unlikely that Sony would be left behind with their launch. However, the rumors of PS4’s debut at E3 were denied by Sony consumer products head, Kaz Hirai. Hirai restated Sony’s claim that PS3 will have a life-cycle of ten years and Sony is in no “rush to replace it with a new system.”

Christmas 2013

Kotaku, a blog dedicated to the discussion of video games, released the news that gamers can expect to find PlayStation 4 as their Christmas presents for the holiday season of 2013. This is one of the more believable rumors as Kotaku is famous for his reliable sources. But again one cannot ignore Sony’s continuous emphasis on ten year life cycle for PlayStation 3 which in 2013 would be three years short. Also with launch of PlayStation Vita in 2012, gossip mongers find it highly doubtful that Sony would release a product so soon after the other.

Sometime in 2016

The most likely release date for PlayStation 4 is early 2016. This is gathered from the importance given to every PlayStation lasting a decade by different Sony officials. The restatement of the same comment over and over again should have stopped the speculators from constructing their theories. However that has not been the case. Fans think that the decade timeline is just a marketing strategy. Sony would and should realize that technology gets redundant quickly and changing their console after an entire decade would be an unwise move. Sony would release the PlayStation 4 in a bid to get back into the race.

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