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2014’s reboot/revival of the often overlooked “Thief” series has received its fair share of critical analysis thus far.  Needless to say, if you’re not into stealth gameplay mechanics you’ll likely find this game to be somewhat perplexing.  Conversely, if you delight at the thought of sneaking around, lifting valuables and generally acting like a ninja, this first-person perspective title will definitely deliver the thrills and chills.   Assuming that you simply don’t have the time or patience to fiddle around with ‘Thief’s’ intricate mechanics, here are a few tips to snatch up…

Thief Game Guide

It’s all about having the right tools for the job

As with any other type of game that incorporates highly functional upgrades, you’ll be much better served while playing through “Thief” with access to specific tools.  In this case, it is the wire cutters and wrench which will probably offer up the greatest bang for your buck.  If you frequently find yourself stumbling headlong into traps, the wire cutters will allow you to disarm them, which adds a whole new layer of depth to the game, to tell you the truth.  The same exact thing can also be said about the wrench as well, which grants the ability to access ventilation ducts and so forth (a critical thing if you’re a master thief, of course).

Jump into your role

Simply put, you can’t really play a game like this passively.  Yeah, sure you can sort of skim along the surface just ruthlessly trying to complete objectives, but if you did that you would be missing the point.  Case in point – when you collect documents, don’t just negligently take note of the information, try to pick up on specific points which will lead you to unexpected areas in search of treasure.  In this sense, you should consider “Thief” to be something of a blend between a stealth-action title and a fantasy RPG.  As such, you need to treat it as it is something that requires careful coaxing as opposed to brute force.

Swooping and running away

The “Swoop” move allows you to very elegantly and quickly cover stretches of ground which might otherwise take valuable seconds to cross.  In a game where you essentially have loads of timed puzzles, being able to silently blaze through an area is a gift, so use it.  Of course the only caveat is that you should also be sure to scan ahead for any variables which might otherwise initiate a disturbance.  Once you’re caught, don’t hesitate though, immediately turn and run away while trying to put as much distance between you and the guards as possible.  In fact, it’s often easier to simply stay mobile and out of sight than it is to try to hide somewhere.

Be mindful of your surroundings

Most people make the mistake of getting tunnel vision when playing deliberately-paced titles like this, forgetting that they’re playing a crafty 3D game with secrets to share.  In short, try to spot items both above and below you, be it a noise hazard or an inconspicuous trap door.  Simply put, the more aware you are while navigating the map the more effective a burglar you will become.

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