Time to Enjoy the Summer in Planet PlayStation

After a few months without big surprises for PlayStation gamers, things are starting to look much better. June 2021 is expected to be a month to remember, as gamers will have the opportunity to play some pretty amazing games. This does not only apply to PlayStation 4, but also to Sony’s ninth generation gaming hardware. Just days after the massive Days of Play promotion, it is time for players to start their engines and to enjoy everything PS4 and PS5 have to offer.

Taking Full Advantage of Your Gaming System

Many players do not think about it, but a PlayStation console can do much more than just run games like Red Dead Redemption 2. Some players use it to stream movies, some use it to play slot games like Innocence or Temptation, and others use it as a social media hardware to get them in touch with their friends. If you are planning to stay at home and to take it easy during the summer, then you should turn to your PlayStation console for all your entertainment needs.

Take Advantage of the Summer Freebies

PS Plus members get regular rewards for their subscription. The line-up of PlayStation freebies for June is great, and the rest of the summer is only going to get better. The fun started with Star Wars: Squadrons, with Virtual Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown and last but not least with Operation: Tango for PS5. In addition to these games, players got the opportunity to find major discounts for a number of AAA titles.

The Best Time for a Hardware Upgrade

It is no secret that the market supply of PlayStation 5 consoles cannot satisfy the demand of gamers. Retailers and online shops have been begging for new shipments, but things have been far from satisfactory up to now. The good news for major retailers is that tens of thousands of PS5 consoles have already been shipped all over the world and that many of these consoles will soon find a new home.

Which Games Should a New PS5 Owner Play First?

If you are one of the lucky ones who will get their hands on a new PlayStation 5 in June, then there are a few games you should prioritise. The first game on your list should be Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade. The FF7 Remake was initially released on PS4, but unfortunately, the 8th generation console could not keep up with the game. The overheating noise was negatively affecting the overall gaming experience. Your new PS5 will let you enjoy both the main game of Square Enix’s masterpiece as well as the newly released chapter that focuses on Yuki’s story.

Another new game worth trying is Necromunda: Hired Gun. The brand-new shooter by Focus Home Interactive was created to claim the crown of FPS titles, and it looks like the game has everything shooter game fans are looking for. Finally, if you are a fan of modern JRPGs, then you should definitely give Scarlet Nexus a try. Genre experts Bandai Namco have done their best in order to release a role-playing game that will make Sword Art Online fans forget all about Kirito and Asuna.

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