Why You Should Check Out Casino Gaming On Your PS4

The PlayStation 4 isn’t down quite yet. Despite the advent of the more powerful PS5, the PlayStation 4 still has plenty of life in it, as evidenced by the fact that Sony will be releasing many of its upcoming PS5 games simultaneously on the last-gen platform. This means that if you still have a PS4 and haven’t been able to procure a PS5 yet, not only are you far from alone, but you also don’t have to settle for an inferior gaming experience.

There’s plenty that you can do with your PS4 that isn’t actually possible on the PS5. While the PS5 can certainly play pretty much every PS4 game whether it’s physical or digital, the PS4 still has some functionality that Sony has chosen to omit from its successor. We think that the PS4 is the perfect platform for online casino gaming, and we’re about to demonstrate just why that is. Here’s why we think you should check out casino gaming on your PS4.

The PS4 still has a web browser

One baffling exclusion from the PS5 is the web browser. The PS3 and PS4 both featured a browser that allowed you to access the internet, but the PlayStation 5 doesn’t technically have one (although it does use a very bare-bones version of one to access authentication processes on apps like YouTube). With that in mind, if you’re looking to enjoy some casino gaming on sites, get more info about Bitcoin casino, the PS4 should be your machine of choice. The controls shouldn’t be too awkward, and the full functionality of these sites will be available to you, so you’re not even getting a truncated experience.


…and it’s still a super-fast console

Even though much has rightly been made of the PS5’s superior hardware, the PS4 is still no slouch, especially if you’ve got a PS4 Pro. Accessing your web browser and visiting your favourite casino platform should still be a lightning-quick process, and if your machine is newer, you’ll be even more impressed by its speed. This also means that casino websites, which can sometimes be more memory-intensive, will run like clockwork on your PS4, so there won’t be anything standing between you and your game of blackjack, poker, roulette, or whatever else you like to play.


Online casino gaming is taking off

Needless to say, the last year has been difficult for many of us. We’ve found ourselves unable to socialise or even see those we love face to face, which has led us to turn to alternative and interesting hobbies for intellectual sustenance. Online casino gaming can be one of those hobbies; it’s exciting, social, and varied, with plenty of opportunities to win real cash if you’re lucky. The popularity of online casino gaming has absolutely skyrocketed in recent years, too, so you’re joining a groundswell of people who are discovering its joys if you do decide to give it a shot.


Your PS4 is no different to a desktop PC in security terms

When you’re playing online casino games on PS4, you’re no more vulnerable to potential security attacks or hackers stealing your information than you might be if you played on a laptop or a PC. You might think that the security protocols are different, but these are down to the individual website, so if the platform’s security systems are robust, then you won’t need to worry about losing your money or your data. It’s always important to check a site’s security certificates and pledges before you start playing on it, of course, so that you can ensure you won’t be defrauded.


Online casinos let you win real money

There are plenty of casino simulation games on PS4 that you can enjoy. Prominence Poker, The Four Kings Casino and Slots, Vegas Party…the list goes on and on. However, none of these games allow you to stake real money on casino games. If you’ve ever been playing a poker sim and found yourself wishing you could win some real money while playing, then online casino platforms are the perfect way to do so. The PS4’s controller is a surprisingly intuitive and enjoyable way to navigate these sites, too, so you’re not even losing out in terms of accessibility.


The web browser is gone for good on PS5

If you’re holding out hope that the PS5 will eventually get a web browser through a software update, it might be time to snuff out that particular candle. While it is technically possible to access a browser if you absolutely must, Sony has made clear that it isn’t focusing on introducing this functionality, now or in the future. That means your best hope of playing online casino games on your TV is either hooking a laptop up via HDMI or using your PS4. Since your PS4 is likely to already be connected to your setup, this is almost certainly a more convenient option.


Online casino gaming doesn’t require any special skills

Even if you’ve just got a PS4 in case the odd game comes out that you like the look of, you should still give online casino gaming a try. It doesn’t require any special skills or knowledge outside of a rudimentary understanding of rules and conditions. Even games that are traditionally more complex in a casino setting, such as poker, have undergone simplification online so that they’re more accessible to everyone. If you’ve got a PS4 and you’re hurting for games to play, we simply can’t recommend checking out an online casino platform highly enough.

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