The Best Of PS4 At E3 2021

Let nobody say that Sony’s last-gen console is out for the count. Despite the PS5 clearly being Sony’s focus for the time being, E3 2021 still had plenty of surprises in store for the old angular beauty, and several of the major blockbuster games announced or previewed during the show are headed to the last-gen machine in addition to the PS5. As such, there’s plenty to be excited about if you still haven’t managed to get a PS5 yet (and don’t worry, we’re right there with you). Here’s the best of everything that was announced for the PS4 at E3 2021!


Elden Ring

Despite the incredible visual fidelity of the Elden Ring gameplay trailer, Sony has confirmed that it’s on its way to PS4 as well as PS5. From Software’s newest grueling excursion into dark fantasy looks absolutely phenomenal, with Berserk-inspired monstrosities lurking in every corner of its massive open world. Many fans were worried that George R.R. Martin’s involvement would leave Elden Ring languishing in development hell just like his long-awaited The Winds of Winter, but given the game’s January 22nd release date, that doesn’t appear to be the case.



Gearbox’s Godfall was a PS5 launch title, and while the looter-shooter garnered some less-than-glowing reviews, it’s still a great live-service title if you can squeeze it in alongside your other daily gaming rituals. You’ll be able to check out Godfall on your PS4 this August, so make sure to pencil in some quality time with this one if you’re in need of a new loot-gathering extravaganza to occupy your time. We also got a look at the new Fire and Darkness expansion, as well as new endgame stuff and new loot in the free Lightbringer update.


Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a PS5, you can’t avail yourself of the free demo for Square Enix’s new hack-and-slash Soulslike. However, you can still check out the rather wonderfully corny trailer, in which the word “chaos” is mentioned a total of eight times across a two minute and thirty-three second runtime. Surprisingly, the demo is actually very good, with plenty of crunchy melee combat against Final Fantasy bestiary favourites. Final Fantasy Origin lands on the PS4 in 2022, but hopefully Square Enix deigns to release a demo for it on last-gen platforms soon.


Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Now this is more like it. Unlike Marvel’s Avengers, which prefaced a samey and repetitive live-service grind with a perfectly enjoyable campaign, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is an entirely single-player adventure. You won’t get to play as the other Guardians, which feels somewhat like a missed opportunity, but you will get a chance to explore the Marvel universe as Star-Lord with the other Guardians by your side. Tonally, the new Guardians game looks very similar to the MCU movies, so if you love the wise-cracking relationship between the Guardians in those films, you’ll love this too.


Back 4 Blood

Anyone looking to scratch the Left 4 Dead itch (and given the subject matter of that game, if you do have a Left 4 Dead itch, you should probably quarantine yourself immediately) should definitely check out Back 4 Blood. Warner Bros’ E3 2021 showcase was entirely dedicated to this upcoming co-op shooter, so we got an in-depth look at the Swarm PvP mode, which allows players to alternate between survivors and infected (sorry, Cleaners and Ridden). Back 4 Blood shambles onto the scene in October, and it’s coming to PS4 as well as next-gen consoles.


The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

One of the characters in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is named “Herlock Sholmes”. He’s a brilliant detective who nonetheless makes mistakes regularly, and it’s up to you, Japanese attorney Ryunosuke Naruhodo, to find the flaws in his logic. If that doesn’t sound like your kind of game, you’ve obviously never spent any time with the Ace Attorney series, and the latest instalment likely won’t convert you. For the rest of us, however, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is shaping up to be yet another delightful entry in this adventure-come-visual-novel series. It arrives on PS4 in July.


Resident Evil Village DLC

Unfortunately, Capcom wasn’t ready to share details of the upcoming Resident Evil Village DLC, but the studio promised us that work has begun in earnest and that we will learn more soon. While we’re excited to see what else Capcom has up its sleeve for the eighth instalment in the long-running (but recently revitalised) horror franchise, we’re mainly using this list item as an excuse to revisit the base game, which was one of the most terrifying gaming experiences we can remember having. Whatever else is coming to Village, we hope it matches the adrenaline-pumping nightmare of the original game.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a particularly packed show when it came to the PS4. It’s clear Sony is focusing heavily on its next-gen console, which makes sense given the stellar sales numbers of the PS5. Hopefully, Sony isn’t quite ready to call it quits on the PS4 just yet, and we’ll hear more about games coming to the last-gen platform in the coming weeks and months. Until then, though, it might be time to start squaring away all your change to get ready for the glorious day when PS5s are readily available.   

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