GTA V casino vs. real online casinos: Where are the differences?

With Grand Theft Auto, publisher Rockstar Games has created a classic game series for different generations. The first time GTA is already dated back to 1997. Meanwhile, the series includes several parts and constant expansions. One is the popular GTA V with its legendary casino. But is this digital casino comparable to a real online casino?

Passionate gamblers can play in online casinos from all over the world. No matter whether the provider is located in the UK or New Zealand. They are always on the hunt for new games and check out the best online pokies daily and gain access to the games with the highest RTP. When registering on the platform, watching out for bonuses is an absolute must.

In the world of GTA, some things are different from the real online casino. Experienced gamblers know them. For newbies and those interested, here are the differences between these two summed up.

Safety Factor: Player Protection Situation

GTA V is a real blockbuster among games. Especially the Casino section of the game ist quite popular. After a spin on the wheel of fortune, the winner is determined. If they’re lucky, gamblers at GTA V Casino will snatch a luxurious in-game sports car. But what are the actual chances of winning? The developer has not yet provided any useful information on this.

In the real gambling world this wouldn’t be possible. Here, licences ensure fair gaming, player protection and secure transactions. If operators do not meet the requirements, they are quickly sidelined. After all, players are more interested in secure operators. Therefore, they specifically look for licensed offers on the Internet.

GTA V Casino is not subject to any gambling authority. The reason for this is the use of digital coins. Players of GTA do not use real money when they play for an exclusive car or weapons. They only use in-game money. Real winnings are not possible. Nevertheless, a visit to GTA V Casino brings a lot of joy.

Table games are currently a major issue in online casinos. In some countries, table games are on a banned list. Gamblers therefore often switch to international offers. Legally, however, they play at tables only when visiting land-based casinos locally.

GTA V Casino does not discriminate between games of chance. Players love to challenge their luck with a round of roulette or poker. As there is no real money involved there don’t exist rules which games can be offered.

Real-money gamblers consider complex table games challenging in real terms. The regulations typically shock them. However, the guidelines come to the players. The risks of overestimating players are simply higher in the online realm than when visiting a real casino. However, players do not go wrong with a table game in GTA.

GTA does not rely on that strong algorithms

The GTA V casino isn’t programmed precisely like a real online casino. Clearly, because these extensions cost a lot of work time, are therefore expensive and almost superfluous in games without real-money winnings.

Online gambling halls, on the other hand, rely on a good code. The RNG is considered a reliable random number generator. It combines the motifs and provides the final image after the reels stop spinning. The RTP is understood as the payout ratio. This amounts to at least 95 percent with good providers. The random number generator tells how much of the stakes will be returned to the players. The higher the value, the better the chances of winning.

Although there is information about winning chances in GTA, they are not legally valid. The GTA casino is not subject to any laws. Furthermore, there are no control bodies to check compliance with the applicable regulations. Thus, the developer can do practically anything and simply distribute winnings at will.

Nevertheless, gamblers have one advantage: in GTA, players are not bound to a limit. In certain countries, such as Germany, on the other hand, there is a limit on deposits. Customers of online casinos in Germany are not allowed to invest more than 1,000 EUR per month in gambling. It ist thinkable that other countries will follow this example.

In GTA V Casino, much higher stakes are possible even though there is of course no real money involved which makes this comparison maybe a bit strange.

Design, functions, and bonuses of the slots

The operators of online gambling halls are constantly looking for the best slots. They get the most colourful motifs from the most sought-after developers. Naturally, slots that are in demand feature a multidimensional design. The motifs are versatile and adapted to the players’ interests. In GTA, the slot design is rather plain. Players lose the fun of the game after a few spins.

The features are rather few in the GTA V casino. On the other hand, when accessing the slots in the online gaming store, gamblers enjoy high-quality technology. Numerous paylines, interesting additional buttons and the activation of free spins are part of every online slot. Players have to do without these and other features at the GTA V casino.

They likewise do not benefit from the bonuses offered by the providers. Virtual slots on the internet go hand in hand with welcome gifts, bonuses for deposit, bonuses without deposit and even free spins. Some arcades give away coupons for regular login to the site. GTA V does not build in free spins. This makes the game much less dynamic and exciting than the slot in the online arcade.

GTA real money profits: Possible or an illusion?

As already mentioned, real-money winnings are not provided in GTA. Nevertheless, the developer made an intriguing mechanism. Players are allowed to use money. With it, they buy GTA dollars. This currency is only available in the game. It cannot be exchanged for real money. With a GTA Dollar, participants significantly upgrade their visit at the GTA V casino. Real winnings are not a part of GTA.

In the online casino, it is similar depending on the provider. There are free gambling halls with digital currency. Real money wagers are conceivable here. The provider rejects a payout. Participants use the real money deposits exclusively to expand coin credits or to participate in challenges.

Real online gambling houses pay out real money winnings. Players simply transfer the winning amount via their existing bank account. Thus, a registration is not omitted with most providers. It also protects players from dubious offers on the internet.

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