Fortnite: How to Improve Your Aim in no Time 

Getting to a level where you have efficient, streamlined, and ultra-quick aiming in any shooting game is essential if you want to play at a higher, more challenging, and rewarding level. Of course, the fundamentals for getting good at aiming are the same as for all these other fps games: practice, practice. But, admittedly, there is more to it than that which does uniquely apply to Fortnite, especially considering all of its building mechanics and wild terrain. 

Most of the time, while playing Fortnite, you run up hills, down rivers, and through buildings. Therefore, learning to use your surroundings, terrain, and self-made buildings is essential to your maximum advantage when aiming. And, of course, if you need extra help, you can always visit Chicks Gold, the greatest ally to achieving your goals. So now, let’s jump into what else you can do. 

Controller players 

Most people play on controllers, whether on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or even on a PC with a plugged-in controller. So let us start with that. It is often the case that, when asking this question, you will get the age-old nasty answer of “just use aim assist, dude.” This answer can be condescending and oversimplified, but it is somewhat valid. Aim assist is your biggest blessing as a controller player; use it. 

Regarding aim assist, there are a few things you need to remember. First, aim to assist workers as long as you move your right stick. You will lose if you let go of it, only using the left stick when in a gunfight against a good player. It is essential to keep doing even small finicky movements with the right stick while aiming; you should practice with bots in the arena. Run around and practice always using the right stick at all times. For the left stick, it is also important to use it; you should use it to strafe constantly. And you can use it for flicking movements, which is not recommended for the right stick. 

Lastly, I am sure all of you know that finding the right sensitivity is vital. Play around with bits and targets in the arena with varying sensitivities to see what suits you. Most players play with a sensitivity of about 40-60%, but something else may work better for you, so find what does. Higher sensitivities let you track fast opponents more efficiently and turn towards oncoming danger so you can fix it; however, you have much less control. Lower sensitivities risk not being able to track fast opponents, letting them run circles around you, but it is easier to lock on to them and shoot them. So, this is the list of aiming sensitivity and finding the right balance. 

Mouse and keyboard players 

Mouse and Keyboard players can aim with their whole hand and arm; they are not restricted to only using their thumbs, so they have way more control. However, a few things you should first do when playing on a mouse and keyboard:

1. Get a good mousepad. 

2. Keep your mouse off the desk; many minor imperfections and bumps will interfere with the mouse’s sensor and ruin your aiming. 

3. Get mouse sensitivity and DPI right. 

The general rule is that if you can make a complete 360 turn in-game while moving your mouse less than 15 cm, your sensitivity is much too high. The best range is making a full 360 turn while moving your mouse about 24 cm. Regarding DPI, most players have their DPI way too low; if you are playing with 800 DPI, at least double it and then half your current sensitivity. 

Next, improve your posture and arm movements. Most players play with their wrists resting at the table’s edge while lazily palming the whole mouse. This restricts your movements immensely. All you can do in this position is wiggle your hand from side to side, giving you a terrible range of motion. Instead, sit upright, open up, spread your fingers like you’re writing with a pen, and rest your arm on the table. This simple tip will improve your aim the most. 


Be sure to apply all these tips while being attentive to your environment and the habits of your enemy. Then, go into a private creative match, crank some builds, and shoot bots with your new techniques. After the practice, jump into a real match and see how you win! We hope this guide helped you on your Fortnite journey. Enjoy gaming!

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