Brawlhalla Reward Hunting — Can It Improve Your Playing Skills?

Many free-to-play games have one feature in common — they offer lots of internal items. Brawlhalla follows the noble path of cosmetics, where your purchases and rewards do not give additional power. It’s fair play, but it still has some traps.

One of the biggest is the intention to get everything. It’s a great thing to do in a Pokémon adventure, but not in a game where new cosmetics give the development company means to support the whole project — the stream of items is endless. Another one is ignoring cosmetics totally. It’s a path to missing a big chunk of the joy. A kind of harmony should be maintained here.

Why is this of any importance, though? Well, Brawlhalla is a huge game — in the sense that every player has many options. Various Legends have different weapon combinations and Signature Attacks. Playing them all is impossible in terms of time and effort. You need to concentrate on one character to really master their style.

The exact concentration is applicable for reward hunting. And the most important thing here is that a proper approach to collecting cosmetic items will help you become a better Brawlhalla player.

Choose What You Like

This piece of advice might seem to be pretty obvious — you certainly should choose a fighting game character you enjoy playing to be motivated to practice more and therefore develop your skills easier. On the other hand, it’s a hint on the process.

It is not enough just to look at Brawlhalla characters to really understand who you like. You need to spend some time fighting on those platforms to figure out whether this specific style is good for you.

Reward Hunting gives you additional motivation to try out something new in Brawlhalla. It’s especially true for the initial stages when Legends gain experience quickly and therefore often get rewards for leveling up.

Whenever you pick up someone new to play, this character becomes a nice source of rewards. After some time, this flow of colors and emotes becomes more scarce. The reward hunting spirit demands more items, and you switch to another character to keep the process going.

Meanwhile, you practice various weapons and get to know the whole game better. Nope, it doesn’t matter that you will not use those rewards at all. The experience of getting them is the key.

Of course, the process of choosing what you like in the game cannot be endless. At some point, you just feel what character is the best for you.

Here, the principle “choose what you like” remains the same. You practice one character, and new rewards give you a bit of extra motivation on this journey. And then you take the next step — check out the following section.

Personalize Your Game

It’s precisely the moment when reward hunting shines brightly as a boost for your skills. It’s not about specific training — it’s about creating a perfect environment for training.

We all express ourselves in fighting (and other multiplayer) games. And cosmetic items allow players to do that. Who are you in the game? How would you want people to see you in fights and around them?

At this point, you already know your main and probably secondary fighter. Focus on playing them and getting rewards for them.

Consider “rewards” as something more than the stuff you get in the game for free. Visit the internal store and check out what customization options it offers for Mammoth Coins (real-world money). There is no need to purchase everything! Items in your inventory should help you express yourself — that thing we started this section with.

And when that focus on personalization gives the result, you might enter Brawlhalla and find a totally different game. Or no, it’s rather a totally different gaming environment. Whether that crossover skins change the whole atmosphere (you jump into the world of Adventure Time, for example) or just podiums and emotes make winning matches feel fresh. The goal is to let yourself enjoy the playing process more and therefore return to it often. It’s a recipe for developing exceptional skills!

Get Everything From Esports

Talking about skills — the ceiling in Brawlhalla is very high, and esports professionals clearly demonstrate how mind-blowing awesome the playing skills can be. Connect reward hunting with learning from the best, and you’ll get “tickets” to all esports streams on the official Brawlhalla Twitch channel.

It’s not like some special activity is required — mainly your attention. Every official tournament gives unique watching rewards. You just join the program and automatically get colors/skins. And still, you absorb knowledge and tricks while watching.

Many slight features of a fighting style cannot be expressed with words. But if you have some experience with a character, you can see what pro players do and thus enrich your personal catalog of techniques.

Following pros who play your main/secondary is super beneficial. Still, you learn a lot from top players with any other Brawlhalla Legend — you meet those characters as opponents, so you should know how to deal with them.

Reward hunting here happens in the background. It will bring many items for the Legends you do not usually play. Who knows, this might be a reason to return to one of the previous steps and shake your in-game habits — “Maybe, if I play this character with this skin, I’ll enjoy them more than my current main? Or at least, I’ll get to know my potential opponents better.

Collecting items gently pushes you beyond the “comfort zone” and helps you grow as a player.

Abandon Collecting, Concentrate on Practicing

“Wait a moment! What kind of section is this? If reward hunting is good, then I’ll stick to it!”

Remember the start of this article that emphasizes the endless nature of collecting items? At some point, you just have to refocus and concentrate on the game itself.

Brawlhalla has quite a few layers. The deeper you go, the more serious it becomes. From the initial level of almost-button-mashing to the advanced understanding of the game in general and your specific style in it — reward hunting helps at the beginning and deep into the journey, but it becomes rather distracting at the end.

When does this happen? When your very interest in cosmetics starts fading away.

You have the core collection in your inventory to highlight your virtual personality and create a perfect playing environment. It’s time to shape your skills in the lab of Training Mode, dedicate yourself to gaining new Online Ranks, or even consider participating in esports tournaments. Of course, reward hunting remains here — as side-fun.

Everything you do in the game contributes to improving your skills. Reward hunting is an interesting tool to get yourself motivated and enthusiastic about the fights. Hopefully, this article will help you keep the balance of being excited about collecting items and still efficient in progressing through the game. Enjoy Brawlhalla!

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