Top 10 PS4 Compatible Keyboards

Let’s face it, even though we’d like to think of 8th generation consoles as being some type of magical box, they’re really just supped-up gaming PC’s, aren’t they?  Sure, using a keyboard with a console is certainly nothing new; many still like to do so with their PS3 or Xbox 360, but such implements really feel much more at home on a PlayStation 4.  Even better, you can simply connect any USB keyboard or mouse (including Bluetooth models, wirelessly) and you’re all set.  In the spirit of the ongoing merger between console and PC gaming, we thought it best to create a little Top 10 list featuring some of the best PS4 compatible keyboards out there (wired and wireless)…
Note* – for additional information about setting up keyboards for use with a PS4, click here.  

Sharkk Backlit Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Sharkk Backlit Wireless Bluetooth KeyboardIf you’re after a relatively affordable wireless model that is small, highly portable, useful for other devices (including IOS, Android and Windows) with looks to match the PS4 console itself, look no further than the Sharkk Backlit Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard.  According to the manufacturer, the internal battery is vibrant enough to be used for 180 days straight without running out of juice too, which is pretty amazing if you think about it.

Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810

Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810

There are going to be a number of keyboards from Logitech on this list, but the Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 certainly stands out.  While it’s a great unit all around, one of its standout features is the fact that its keys are illuminated, which makes using it in the dark fairly easy.  If you’re the type of gamer who frequently dials down the lights to play, this keyboard is definitely for you.  Moreover, it can also be used with tablets and mobile devices, which is a big plus.

Logitech G710 Plus

Logitech G710 PlusThe G710 Plus is a bit pricer than most other models, but there’s a reason for that – it is absolutely jam-packed with so many features that it is ridiculous.  Aside from the fact that it was designed for gaming and features amazing precision, this model also allows you to assign complex macros to its “G keys”.  Finally, consider that there’s a dual backlighting system present too, which means the common move keys of AWSD are lit up to be another color from the rest entirely.

Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G19 Gaming KeyboardIf its functionality and pure high-tech goodness you crave, Logitech’s G19 keyboard is definitely the model to get.  Granting features like backlighting, programmable macro keys, multi-key input, integrated USB 2.0 ports, it is the ultimate gaming keyboard.  However, it also has a nifty little color LCD screen built into the top of the unit, meaning you have yet another display at your disposal to use in any way you see fit.

Corsair K70

123_corsair_keyboard_main.tifThe Corsair K70 is an extremely solid, feature-laden mechanical keyboard which is perfect for gaming.  It is very solidly built with aluminum construction and has all the great looks one would expect from an upper end keyboard.  Of course, precision and accuracy is really the name of the game with the K70, replete with multimedia keys as well as textured / contoured WASD keys, allowing you to quickly find your way back home in a pinch.  Add to that, backlighting, which means that you’ll never lose sight of what you’re doing, even in a completely darkened room.

Samsung Smart Wireless Keyboard VG-KBD2000

Samsung Smart Wireless Keyboard VG-KBD2000

While those who tend to stick exclusively to consoles, PC’s or mobile devices might find the VG-KBD2000 to be superfluous, anyone who has a compatible television with smart capabilities might disagree.  That’s really the main selling point of this particular keyboard – it can be used with a range of Samsung tv’s in order to better facilitate their web-browsing features.  The fact that it contains a built-in touch pad is probably reason enough to check it out.  In short, if you need a keyboard with these sorts of features and compatibilities that can also be used with a console like a PS4, then look no further.

Logitech Playstation 3 USB Keyboard

Logitech Playstation 3 USB Keyboard
The main selling point of the Logitech Playstation 3 USB Keyboard is that it was actually built for use with a Sony gaming console; that alone should be reason enough to consider purchasing it.  This is basically just your cost-effective solution without all the fuss and muss, a solid wired unit that works as intended, no more, no less.  Also included with the package is a handy USB extension cable, which will allow you to rest the keyboard on your lap more easily (assuming that you’re gaming on the couch in front of a large tv, that is).

Fosmon Portable Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Controller with Built-In Touchpad

Fosmon Portable Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Controller with Built-In TouchpadAssuming that you don’t want or need a full-sized keyboard, but would rather opt for something more portable and wireless, there’s the Fosmon Portable Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Controller with Built-In Touchpad.  It also works with a large variety of different devices, meaning that you can easily connect it to just about anything and have total control.  The built-in touchpad is awesome, as you might expect and with backlit keys you can even use it in the dark (awesome if you’re a horror game fan).

Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition

Razer BlackWidow Tournament EditionThis mechanical keyboard was designed for gaming and exhibits superior response to every nuance you provide.  Those who frequently move their gaming PC or PS4 around will also love the detachable USB cable and sturdy design, both being factors which enhance the overall portability and durability of the unit.  The Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition also features continuous 10 key support (or rollover) too, meaning that it will follow your every move no matter how dodgy your keystroke combinations are.

Hausbell Mini H7 2.4GHz Wireless Entertainment Keyboard with Touchpad

Hausbell ® Mini H7 2.4GHz Wireless Entertainment KeyboardFinally, we come to the Hausbell Mini H7 2.4GHz Wireless Entertainment Keyboard with Touchpad, which is by all accounts one of the more outstanding all in one units you can buy.  It is perfect for anyone who wants something they can snatch up in a pinch to send message or even complete more complex tasks with.  Moreover, since it can be connected to pretty much any device (including consoles, PC’s, tablets, pads, etc.) it is infinitely useful, meaning that you can use it for much more than just gaming if need be.

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George Georgiou
5 years ago

Hello. Looking to buy a USB gaming keyboard for my PS4 (I play WT which you can play with K&M). I bought one but it doesn’t work. A 5-euro keyboard I had at home though, works flawlessly. What makes a keyboard PS4 compatible?

Daniel Worden
4 years ago

Excellent post, but is there a recent version of this that may show keyboards that are actually available in 2018? Because I tried the links for half of these on Amazon without any luck (unless I want to buy it for twice the price from 3rd party retailers)?

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