Destiny PS4 Game Tips Guide

Having trouble staying alive or progressing through Bungie’s latest epic Sci-fi MMO masterpiece?  Never fear, we’re here to provide you with a generous helping of pointed tips that will lend an edge in both combat as well as exploration. Anyway, without further ado, let’s get going…

Become a collector

It should go without saying that any type of game that involves loot-grabbing and/or storage necessitates that you become something of a “collector”, right?  In this regard Destiny is no different, even going as far as providing you with a vault to store your goodies in.  However, what many might not realize is that you can actually share your gear amongst other characters you subsequently start.  In other words, since there are three different classes, each with its own weapons and whatnot, it’s safe to assume that you’ll come across goodies worth storing away for future use.  Take those items and stick them somewhere so that you can grab them later when things start to get tough and sticky (which also makes subsequent playthroughs more worthwhile and interesting as well).

Become a “gun nut” or armor aficionado

Whenever one sets off on an epic adventure (in a game like Destiny) the tendency might be to simply change up one’s gear constantly.  While this is certainly going to be required, be sure to actually take the time to learn everything you can about the guns and armor you’re using.  Namely, consider the effects of leveling your equipment.  For instance, just because another weapon has a higher rating at a lower level than another doesn’t mean that will hold true when you fully level it up.  Moreover, it’s not always about power, either, sometimes the best thing to do is find a weapon which really works well for your style.  …Having said that, be sure to constantly check for updates / upgrades and replace anything / everything as needed.  Never go into battle unprepared, simply changing or adding one piece might make all the difference in the world and provide you with that extra tactical advantage you were looking for.


You can think of an Orb of Light as a byproduct of simply using one’s super abilities.  The great thing about them however, is that they provide an enhanced recharge capacity, thusly acting as a sort of “shield”, of sorts.  Naturally, this means that it’s never a good idea to hold back on using super abilities because doing so means you’re going to get a chance to power up your team with an Orb.

Leveling tips

Just like with any quality RPG, Destiny definitely requires that you work toward leveling up your character.  There are a few different ways to go about this, including just slugging it out the old fashioned way, but here are some of the more intriguing ways to speed up the process and/or gain a few perks along the way…

Go exploring – explore mode offers you an opportunity to snatch up xp and loot / hidden items / badass weapons.  You should also look for a nice place to “farm” for xp, which is pretty much a given in any deep and complex RPG.

Extra glimmer and goodies from elites and bosses – after you complete an area don’t hesitate to jump back into it again in order to topple bosses and elites (which tend to have the best drops to offer.)

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