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Indie games keep the industry on its toes, as far as I’m concerned. We’ve seen a recent surge in indie games in the gaming sphere. There’s a lot more freedom awarded to indie game designers who are able to take a concept and really turn it into something unique. They don’t have to cater to their hot shot CEO’s because there very rarely is anyone to answer to at all. It’s a luxury most game designers would kill for.

With this new found creative freedom, designers have started putting out some really amazing games. This article will outline five of these games and explains why they are so damn amazing.

Everybody’s Gone to Rapture

Everybody’s Gone to the RaptureThe thing about next gen indie games is that they’re all beautiful. Everybody’s Gone to Rapture is another example of just how important indie games can be. It’s a game with amazing graphics and brought to us by The Chinese Room, it features six different playable characters who all have their own story to tell. The game has multiple routes, and is set in the quiet English country side after the apocalypse. It’s another open world game that you’re meant to explore, and it’s also choice based. The choices you make will change the outcome of the game. It’s a break from shooters and puzzle games and gives us more of a decision making platform.

Don’t Starve

don't starve - PS4 -3This game is all about survival, it origionally started out one Steam and has made it’s way to the PlayStation family. I say this because this game is playable on the PS4 as well as the Vita. The object of the game is pretty simple. You are just trying to survive using the world around you. The environment is at your disposal and all you have to do is stay alive, as the name suggests.

The game is absolutely stunning and has story book like graphics and wonderful audio, too. It’s a survival game with a rich, engaging story. The scribbled graphics are very reminiscent of many of the horror flash games found on the internet.


flower ps4Flower is a very interesting game. It was designed as more of an art project to show off the beauty of next gen game design. It’s a game with no objective, no conflict and lots of beautiful scenery. It wasn’t released to be a popular game, but it has actually progressed to win many awards. The game is open world and you’re meant to simply explore, and take in the sights that the designers created. In a way, it’s video game sight seeing.

The Tomorrow Children

The Tomorrow ChildrenThis game looks neat as hell, in my opinion. Its graphics have been compared to that of Minecraft, though there is a little more detail in the design. The game is about a failed Russian experiment to meld the minds of every human on earth. When this experiment fails, the entire human race is destroyed. A group of ‘projection clones’ are sent back in time to the 1960’s to try and stop this from happening. The story is just as intriguing as the art, and this is a game with plenty of conflict for those who need a break from choice based games. Stories like this in video games are few and far apart, but this promises to be a science fiction game for those of us tired of aliens and space.


RimeRime is another beautiful indie game that shows off what game designers can do with visuals. It’s a bright game with plenty of tropical and pastel colors. Sony has said that it will take advantage of light, touch and sound. The rise of open world gaming has brought us a lot of great titles, and this is bound to be one of them. There is an over arching story but the game is more open world that anything. You’re a young boy on a cursed island, trying to escape in one piece. Rather than it be based around fighting monsters, you’re required to solve puzzles to get off the island.

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