Toukiden 2 Game Review

Toukiden 2 is a gory, terrifying, fantastical mess of opportunity and active gameplay. The action role-play adventure, a sequel to the demon-hunting game Toukiden: The Age of Demons, has fully embraced its Japanese mythological references. It’s even thrown in a few European mythological elements to boot. Just released in Europe on the PS4, Vita and PC, Toukiden 2’s release comes just off the back of similarly themed and inspired Nioh, which received largely positive reviews. This overlap with the European release could be its demise or it could boost the game into the potential it has already shown.

Toukiden 2 is set in two worlds – a vast world of scenic beauty with villages nestled in forestry, and an “Otherworld” of desolation and violence, created by rifts in the space-time of the Oni. The Nakatsu Kuni has been engulfed by a fog known as miasma and you meet deadly demons that you must defeat throughout your journey. The player’s character is a demon slayer who has awoken into a state of amnesia and is forced to fight against these demons and bring an end to the desolation the Otherworld can cause. They have awoken with no prior memory of “The Awakening” that started the Oni threat to begin with. The Oni are able to travel through the past, present and future. But the player is not supposed to find themselves in the wrong era. And with something out there trying to rectify that, Toukiden 2 is maintains a constant overhanging threat. This story line is complex yet limited. It makes for greater game-play and intriguing mystique but it also lacks the ability to thrill.

Toukiden 2 follows a Monster Hunter formula, with plenty of fighting and intensity. However, Toukiden offers a step further with the ability to take up to three allies into battle with you, under computer control. This creates a vibrant and entertaining battlefield throughout the game. Toukiden 2 is exciting, fascinating and often scary. The new game-play has also shifted from its predecessors into an open world format with the deathly encounters also moving in real- time. It is a lot more dangerous than Toukiden: The Age of Demons. Each weapon in the new
game is one of a kind, with new weapons such as the trick whip, sword and shield and the infamous Demon Hand, which can even lop off limbs of foe, allowing players to improve their fighting tactics.

The game-play itself is interesting and in many ways unique, with the new weapons creating a riveting step up from the last Toukiden. That being said, the play sometimes lacks precision, making it a button-centric game in overdrive. The fast-paced fight scenes may give the game a thrilling side but it also removes the nuance of gaming fluidity. This in many ways brings down the game’s ability to impress in the fighting realm.

However, the effects are fantastic, with more realistic looking characters and monsters. than ever before. The game has added so much to its world and offered vast improvements from its predecessor. For one, Toukiden 2 has introduced a fast running feature to increase speed, multiple new and addictive weaponry and it also uses a point system, where you collect Golden Slayer seals over time and eventually be rewarded. On top of that, you can add exploration points that allow you to find more items to improve game-play throughout the game.

Overall, Toukiden 2 has a few setbacks, from the fiddly fight scenes to the storyline, but where it goes right, it goes very right. New weaponry, terrifying demons, an open world to roam.

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