Transformers Devastation Review

It’s easy to sum up this game: if you remember that the Decepticons are baddies, the Autobots are the goodies and you need to smash up anything bad that comes your way you should be well on your way. The Decepticons want to turn Earth into Cybertron 2, the brutes. This is Transformers in its simplest, most popular format – Generation 1 and so is likely to appeal most to those who still consider themselves 80s kids-at-heart. Easy to sum up, then, but can it offer anything of any interest to any but the die-hardest of Transformers fans? Did Platinum Games even try to offer anything of any interest to any but the die-hardest of Transformers fans?

Transformers Devastation
First and foremost (and yes, it will appeal mainly to the die-hards), much of the original voice-talent has been brought back to voice-over this game. So, hold on to your hats as Peter Cullen and Frank Welker have been hauled in to provide the voices for Optimus Prime and Megatron respectively. Oh yes, exciting times indeed. The characters, too, have been faithfully represented and so fans of the original series can perhaps breathe a bit easier at this point.

So, smash up thine enemy the fastest and strongest way you can. There are various weapons available to in your arsenal to aid you in this mission such as a wide range of hammers, powered gauntlets and swords. The frenetic speed of the combat, however, may deter you (or indeed actively prevent you) from actually deploying the choices available to you. This is a full-on brawler of a game and it manages to smartly weaponise the robots’ ability to flip between robot and car. Some of the extra options, in fact, could probably have safely been omitted without any detriment to overall gameplay.

Transformers Devastation 2
Difficulties are encountered when playing a Boss Battle – man, these are hard. Players are generally pitted against one of the more iconic Decepticons, you know, like Megatron for example. You’ll then generally find that your enemy has been given massively beefed-up attacking options and supremely good health. Coming through one of these things is nigh-on impossible and you may find your hands battered and bruised from the sheer effort of it all. Who knows, perhaps this was done to make a man of you my son, or to enhance your sense of achievement when you finally do come through one as the victor. Whatever, you have been warned – they’re not pretty, they’re not easy and it’s perhaps another example where only the die-hard fan will care enough to bother.

Weighing this game up, it does appear on balance that it is most likely to offer fun and frolics for the die-hard Transformer fans, and those of the 1st generation disposition at that. For those fans, there certainly is plenty of fun and frolics to be had and if you’re of that ilk you’re unlikely to be disappointed. It is less clear whether individuals on the lukewarm side of the spectrum as far as Transformers is concerned will find much to keep their interest piqued, however.

Rating – 7.7 / 10

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