VR Guide – Everything You Need to Know About PlayStation VR

PS4 VR (Virtual Reality) Guide

Everything You Need to Know About PlayStation VR

Immersion… it’s a word that’s been used a lot recently in regard to video games, and that’s because it’s a simply incredible experience that more and more people are realizing they want when they play a game. For a long time, the VR tech was named Project Morpheus, a temporary name which was given before Sony named its official retail name as PlayStation VR. Getting sucked so far into another world that you forget you’re simply a guy or gal holding a controller feels awesome, and modern technology is making that a lot easier. The future of technology, though, will take it one step further. Meet PlayStation VR, a Virtual Reality headset that’s ready to become the industry leader for virtual reality. The device will release October, 2016 and looks like it will take immersion- and gaming as whole- to the next level. Let’s go over the basics before we delve a little deeper into the world of PlayStation VR.

What PlayStation VR IS:

A PS4-exclusive Virtual Reality headset that will immerse players in their games like never before. It’s a portal into another world, where every turn of the head will reveal something new- crouch to duck below incoming gunfire, twist your neck to keep an eye on a circling Great White, and physically swing your controller to deliver a deadly blow with your sword… all of these things are possible with PlayStation VR.

Quick Facts

Expanding on the Role the Controller Will Play

While it’s simply inevitable that games which require a ton of movement will also require a controller (after all, most people’s living rooms aren’t really big enough to replicate a massive warzone), PlayStation VR game developers are working hard to expand upon concepts that you don’t need a controller to play. One such example is the appropriately titled “Street Luge”, a game where you’re speeding down massive hills on a street luge board, weaving in and out of traffic and dodging obstacles as you use your head to steer the board. Reports are saying it’s an exhilarating experience, and the headset movement is very responsive.

The Technology Behind PlayStation VR

The headset connects to the main PS4 system through an HDMI cord, and it features a 5.7 inch 1920 X RGB X 1080 resolution OLED display. This gives you an expanded field of view, removes motion blur, and enables low persistence. It also features a 120hz refresh rate, giving the device the ability to render at a smooth as silk 120 frames per second. The “super low latency”, as Sony is calling it, means that any movement you make will register with the PS4 in eighteen milliseconds, which is basically too fast for anyone but The Flash to notice. In addition, the headset features nine LEDs for precision motion tracking, which gives the wearer 360 degrees to play with.

The Look and Feel of PlayStation VR

PS VR 2016

According to those who have spent some time with the device, PlayStation VR feels very lightweight and comfortable. It features a quick release button to get into and out of the headset quickly, and it fits a variety of head shapes and sizes. As far as the look of the device, you’re not exactly going to be able to impress chicks when wearing it, but VR was never meant to be sexy. Project Morpheus is however very sleek and futuristic looking, with the minimalistic stylings that the PlayStation brand is known for.

The Social Aspect of PlayStation VR

Something I find very cool about the device is that not only are the visuals of the game displayed in the headset, they’re also shown on your TV so that anyone who is gaming with you can get a first person view of what you’re experiencing. This makes it great for parties or simply gaming with your roommate, and can you imagine how awesome it would be if you had two people playing in the same room with their own headsets? Sword fights will never be the same.

What You Really Want to Know: The Games

the deep ps4
It’s no secret that a gaming system- or peripheral- is only as good as its games (looking at you, Kinect). All the technology in the world doesn’t mean a thing when there’s not a good application for it, but that doesn’t look to be the case with PS VR. In addition to the afore-mentioned “Street Luge”, there are a ton of other games coming out that look like they take advantage of all the awesome features that Project Morpheus has. Take “The Deep” for instance. While really a kind of tech demo at this point, “The Deep” has you playing as a cage diver being lowered to the bottom of the ocean. Inevitably, things go wrong, and you soon find yourself under attack by a massive Great White Shark, who starts tearing apart the cage methodically before lunging at you directly. Even watching gameplay of “The Deep” without wearing PlayStation VR seems incredibly scary and immersive, so I can only imagine how incredible it’ll be when I finally get my hands on the device. Check out The Best Upcoming PlayStation VR Games and this article for a look at what other types of games would be awesome on PS VR.

Summing Up: Why You Should Be Excited about PlayStation VR

PS VR is a revolution in gaming. It’s a whole new way to play, and it will immerse players like never before. The launch titles that are coming with the headset look incredible, and fans of big thrills or scares will find this to be an invaluable asset to their experience. As long as the device is somewhat affordable, it could set the standard for the way people play games in the future, because if PS VR does well, developers will realize that Virtual Reality is the way to go and a whole new competitive market will open up. Companies will try to keep innovating and improving upon the concept, which will truly bring us into the future. Stay tuned for more news on all things related to PlayStation VR.

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