The Best Upcoming PlayStation VR Games

PlayStation VR (codenamed Project Morpheus) is quickly becoming the anticipated console of choice for avid gamers everywhere. With the ability to provide as close to a real-life playing experience as commercially possible, the Q1 release is on everyone’s calendar.

Sony has announced that a number of current PlayStation titles are going to be compatible with the VR headset. While this is exciting, the introduction of VR has got the best game producers to work on games specifically targeted for use with the VR headset.

The following is the list and brief description of some of the best upcoming Sony PlayStation VR game titles:


adrift playstation vr
Scheduled for release in fall 2015, Adrift is a first-person perspective game set in space. The year is 2037, and players are free floating in space, with the objective to survive and successfully return to earth.

A large number of objects are available for getting further details to explain how the protagonist, Commander Alex Oshima, got to the present situation, such as audio logs and objects from the rest of the (now dead) crew.

Constraints to free movement bring this game closer to reality, such as a limited supply of oxygen. At lower levels of oxygen, the player experiences blurred vision; this must be corrected to prevent the player from dying.

Adrift is expected to be available end of September for PlayStation 4.

The Hum – Abductions:

The Hum - Abductions playstation vrOne of the best things about virtual reality is how it brings the fun (and the creepy) to life. The Hum-Abductions, one of the first survival horror games to be released for Sony PlayStation VR, attempts to capture exactly that.

The protagonist plays the role of Holly Sanders, a wife whose husband has gone missing for months. With her little son Dan by her side, the player will aim to discover past events and the meaning behind them, which will reveal to her a terrifying conclusion.

The YouTube video for the game shows the ability for the player to pick up objects and read books, that will ultimately help explain the mystery behind her husband’s sudden misfortune. Interestingly, some of the clues are expected to be found within the son’s own environment, such as one screenshot that shows playing blocks arranged to spell ‘Die Mom’.

Omega Agent:

Omega Agent playstation vr
Set in the 1960’s world, Omega Agent gives you the reasons why exactly we need VR. Player begins on a remote island for spies from the cold-war; the player adorns a cool jetpack and flies around the city, carrying out various missions, with the ultimate objective of graduating as the best of the best – the ‘Omega Agent’.

Alongside the missions, the game’s vast city is filled with GTA-esque secret areas, as well top secret documents that need the skills of a truly adventurous spy to find. In addition, there are a number of puzzles spread around the city, waiting to be solved.

Omega Agent gives players a triad of weapons, including the short-ranged shotgun, the heat-seeking missile and the rapid-fire machine gun. All this gets packed in your backpack as you fly around the city like a super-cool agent.

TrackMania Turbo:

TrackMania Turbo playstation vrUbisoft has been known in the gaming world to come up with legendary games, and this time they offer racing aficionados a great experience through TrackMania Turbo.

Making its first game for the console world in six years, Ubisoft is expected to bring some features from the popular PC series to the new edition. Similar to its predecessors, TrackMania offers drivers a range of racing tracks (expected to be around 200) to choose from, spread out across four locations. The track editor allows creation of newer tracks, and the added feature also makes it possible to generate random tracks for the users to race along.

TrackMania introduces a new feature called Double Driver, in which two drivers will handle the same car. In addition, the Systemic music is expected to develop a rhythm with the gameplay, therefore lessening on increasing sound intensity in alignment with the game.

Expected to release in November, the game was first announced during the E3 2015. The game will focus on challenging the user to perform breathtaking stunts in a lightning-quick race, something that will bring much adrenaline to the much anticipated world of VR gaming.

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