VR Reality: Visit World Locations from The comfort of Your Home?

Whilst Sony are hard at work on their new virtual reality based development Project Morpheus and Oculus VR and putting the finishing touches to their exciting Oculus Rift headset creative minds and developers are working overtime in thinking of all the endless possibilities and applications that next-generation virtual reality could really have on our everyday lives.

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Gamers in particular are excited for these next-gen VR accessories to arrive. They will help immerse players even further into their game playing experience. The future of gaming will be enhanced greatly by these new innovative pieces of technology which will help immerse our senses into the very landscapes and surroundings of the games we’re playing. But whilst most of the attention has been given to the gaming world and how VR can help improve this experience overall it will have obvious capabilities that will have a much farther reach than just that of the media and entertainment industries.

Imagine visiting some of the worlds greatest locations, and exploring amazing world heritage. How about a tour of the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, Stone Stonehenge or The White House? The possibilities are truly endless. The practical applications away from the gaming industry are extremely exciting. Virtual reality headsets could allow those in more remote locations to virtually visit anywhere in the world without leaving their homes simply by placing on a headset. Academically speaking how beneficial could it be for a student to visit and look around the exhibits and collections at the Louvre in Paris or study the Great Pyramid of Giza without ever having to leave the classroom.

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The technical limitations of VR are the only thing holding it back at this time. As it evolves the applications will widen and almost any industry in the world will be able to benefit from its development. Being able to take a virtual tour through a bodily system could benefit professionals in the healthcare industry whilst being able to walk around a completed VR building before work has even physically begun could add an extra dimension to the process involved for an architect or team of construction workers.

We’re still quite a way off from virtual reality becoming an everyday occurrence in our lives but the innovative ideas and potential applications seem infinite. Before long we could find ourselves wandering around virtual bingo hall playing bingo online alongside friends whilst seated comfortably on our sofas at home, or we could whisk ourselves off and take controls of a virtual plane. Virtual reality is the next stage in immersive technology and one that we believe society will embrace.

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