Limited Edition Destiny Bundle Announced as PS4 Exclusive

As a fan of Destiny, I am awaiting The Taken King with much anticipation, and it seems the new expansion pack will be arriving alongside some other goodies. Developer Bungie revealed that the title will be wrapped in an exclusive Limited Edition Destiny: The Taken King PS4 Bundle that will launch the same time as the new expansion.

Limited Edition Destiny Bundle

With the new bundle we get a new decked out PlayStation 4, a 500GB model that has been covered in a white (and dare I say gorgeous) Destiny themed skin and a white controller. You probably already guessed that the new pack will also include a copy of Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition. This is certainly a game for big fans of the series as it features the original Destiny, the first two expansion packs, and the brand new The Taken King.

The Limited Edition Destiny: The Taken King PS4 Bundle will also offer the chance to upgrade to the upcoming Digital Collector’s Edition and all the bonus material that it will bring with it. That bonus material includes three class emotes, three armor shaders, Guardian class XP, and a new weapons pack.



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