PS4 and E3 2015: What should We Expect?

This year seems to be flying by, and we’re literally weeks away from this year’s E3 2015. It’s set to be yet another epic battle for Sony and the PS4 against their closest competitor.

Firstly, it’s worth noting that this event should be scribbled down in any true gamer’s calendar, that’s because loads of awesome news, details, screenshots and information will be unveiled surrounding upcoming PS4 games and tech. If you aren’t already aware, this year’s E3 event will be held at the LA Convention Center from June 16th to 18th.

It’s important that Sony keeps the ball rolling, offering new ideas, exclusives and excitement surrounding the PS4. After all, it’s yet another opportunity for Sony to show the gaming world why the PS4 is the best 8th gen console system.

So, what thrills will Sony give us this year? Let’s explore a few key areas that we should expect at this year’s E3…

Project Morpheus


Virtual Reality is coined to be the next big advancement within game technology, and it’s coming very soon, from a variety of manufactures. Whilst VR won’t be for everyone, having the feeling of being within the game is something many want to experience. It’s hard to judge on how successful VR will be, but it definitely has the potential to be huge, especially if game developers get creative. Project Morpheus is something that Sony has invested plenty of energy into and it’s set to transform your PlayStation 4 experience. Sounds awesome? It’s another opportunity for Sony to take us a step closer to the official launch – Expect Sony to unveil its true retail name along with its price and many more juicy details.

Gran Turismo 7


The GT series is arguably the best racing-sim game franchise in the world, and that’s probably why there’s so much anticipation for the PS4’s upcoming GT7. Some might say that the PS4 is lacking in the racing department, however, GT7 is expected to re-define the term jaw dropping within the racing genre. Sony have kept everything about this working title extremely secret, although they were keen to confirm they were making it. Could GT7 be announced with Sony’s upcoming VR headset? It’s something we’ve speculated on, wouldn’t that be awesome? Whichever way you look at it, Sony is expected to feed us a few details at bare minimum, even if it’s nothing more than a stunning one minute promo trailer. However, we could be set to find out much more, including the release date.

New Exclusives

PS4 Exclusive Details E3 2015

Sony have already provided us with a number of great tasters, these include Infamous: First Light, Bloodborne, The Order 1886, The Last Of Us Remastered and DriveClub. It’s clear that the PS4 has impressed within the exclusives department, however, we’re just getting started. That means we should learn more details about the known upcoming releases including, Gran Turismo 7, Until Dawn, No Man’s Sky, Amplitude, Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, Let it Die and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Whilst its awesome getting a little closer to these upcoming games, the best part is seeing new titles added to the exclusive line-up. After all, it’s hard to imagine that Sony won’t have some surprises for us. Sony are great at keeping big titles secret, hence GT7, however, many might dream of a The Getaway 3, TimeSplitters 4 or The Last of Us: Continued announcement – Sony are likely to be working on something big, the question is – what might they be working on?

PS4 Slim Details


Whilst the PS4 is currently the slimmest 8th gen offering, by a distance, it’s expected that Sony will want to put the PS4 on an even stricter diet. If you were to name the biggest rumour surrounding the PS4, then it would surely be the PS4 Slim. It’s possible that a slimmer version of the PS4 could be announced at this year’s E3, however, it’s also possible that Sony could wait until E3 2016. It’s highly likely that Microsoft will unveil a slimmer XBOX One, earning Sony will want to again offer something better. History tells you that Sony love to slim down their consoles, the PS1, PS2 and PS3 all received a smaller alternative follow up. It’s also possible that Sony could, at some point, offer a digital-only console bundle, meaning it wouldn’t have a Blu-ray drive, allowing it to be even smaller for those with ultra-fast internet connections.

It’s never easy to forecast what might happen at an upcoming E3 event, however, you can be sure of one thing; excitement awaits.

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